penguins and mice

The Today Show is running another ends of the Earth type special this week. The crew are in Australia, Belize (seriously Colleen, I hope you knew this and DVR’d!!), Mt. Kilimanjaro, and Iceland. On Monday morning Caroline and I snuggled in bed watching Meredith in Australia witness the Penguin Parade on Phillip Island. Do you think she loved it? Um, yes, of course she loved it. She started moving in bed, shaking her body back and forth. Thanks to the magic of DVR we were able to rewind and play the penguin parade again and again and well, again. By the time Steve came back from his shower she was out of bed and walking around like a penguin….

Kind of like this…

From Caroline Month 22

Forget Disney Steve, let’s do the Penguin Parade instead! It is only 12 bucks – after a 14 plus hour flight from LA to Sydney and a 90-minute flight to Melbourne. I mention Disney because we were considering going. I say were because we have more or less decided against it right now. If you say you haven’t seen that new ad on TV where the Mom opens her purse and a Mickey Ear balloon shoots out, you haven’t been watching TV. “Stay 4 nights get 3 nights free!” We thought, “too good to be true.” So to quiet our “wow, that’s amazing” commentary we went online and low and behold it is indeed NOT too good to be true. Our family of three could travel to Disney for an entire week including airfare for just about 1000clams and Disney would be so excited to have us there that they would also grant us a 200 dollar gift card to spend while we play at the parks. It was hard to say no to this. Very hard. If it was "buy 2 nights get 2 free" we would have booked and I would already be singing Bippity Boppity Boo, but 7 nights is 8 days and that is a very VERY long time to vacation with a toddler. Then there is the whole “she won’t remember it” thing, which is true and the riding space mountain solo thing which doesn’t sound nearly as fun as riding with Steve (and Caroline too!). There is indeed tons to do down in Orlando that is toddler friendly – character breakfasts, Sea World - but I think we are taking a pass this time around. We’re making plans for a couple days at Sesame Place in the spring instead, BUT MAN, what a deal. If you have older kids or if you are a kid at heart – seriously go and book it – it is NOT too good to be true!!!


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