Remind me why I do this again?

I know we all hate non-Caroline posts, but this one just has to be written. I am working with a family whose only son lives in Italy. He is doing what he can to ensure they are cared for from abroad and if you want my opinion (and who doesn't?!) he is doing an amazing job. I was asked to attend a meeting this morning between his father and a respresentative of a state program which may be able to offer some additional help. This meeting was one of the most difficult one in my short career. My presence was startling and apparently an imposition for the case manager sent to complete the assessment and she proceeded to project her anger and aggression towards me onto this poor memory impaired 92 year-old man. She asked him questions rapid fire, dismissed his attempts to engage her, and when he responded that the current President of the United States was Carter she quickly replied, "NO!" I had tears brimming for most of the interview and though I had never met him, it was me who reassured him, offered a smile and my hand. When she finally left he was tearful, asking us if he was in some kind of trouble. He said he felt like a criminal, that he had done something wrong. It was unbearable to witness and I did my best to assure him that she would never be back after he said "she scares me." I don't understand how people like this woman get involved in social services. I did what she should have done and explained that she was here to determine his eligibility for a program to get him some more help at home. There were many lost opportunities in her interview and I capitalized on one at the end of my visit to help him understand why she had been asking him questions. He told her he was an avid photographer. This interview, I explained, was an attempt to capture a snapshot of his life to determine what his needs are. I felt so incredibly bad for him, this wonderful sweet man who still refers to his wife with advanced dementia as his bride. He offered but one piece of advice: Don't get old.

A year ago I wrote about how I shouldn't take a nap. That hasn't changed. I am the world's worst napper. I am grumpy and out of it for the rest of the day. Uncle Hokie how do you do those 5 minute power naps? Without reading ahead I coincidentally planned the same meal (crockpot chili) for tonight, but I think it will be leftover lasagna tonight and chili tomorrow since in my rush to get to an early morning meeting I neglected to toss it together. I love her little onesie in that shot. She definitely still is a selective listener.

Caroline is prepping for an overnight with Auntie k while her parents go to Comics Come Home. So excited about it - almost as exciting is the opportunity to spend the afternoon with some very missed friends over beers and burgers.


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