Sharing Wisdom Kiki Style

After Caroline's 2.5 hour nap - thank you Caroline - we gathered ourselves up for a quick run to Big Y for weekend provisions and Chili must haves (tortilla chips, sour cream). I had to pick up a prescription that was supposed to have been called in mid morning, so we dashed into CVS on our way home. It was that annoying drizzle rain and Caroline declared "wet!" I love it. We waited for our prescription, which annoyingly had not been filled yet and I couldn't help overhearing a discussion at the "consultation counter."

"So use this and then Nystatin how often?"
"And the Balmex?"
"There has to be something else you can do - she's bleeding!"

Sound familiar? It does to me. I was standing not 3 feet from this mother grasping an arm load of diaper creams, Aveeno oatmeal bath, sensitive wipes and my heart broke for her. When the pharmacist walked away, presumably to fill the Nystatin I made eye contact and said "have you tried Triple Paste?" Thankfully I received many recommendations for this Miracle in a jar when we were in similar dire straits last spring.

"No, what's Triple Paste?"
"My daughter gets ear infections and the antibiotics affect her (no way to put it lightly) bowels, which gives her a diaper rash, and then if it gets really bad a yeast infection."
"That is exactly what happened? What do you do?"
"Oh, it's awful! We had the hardest time getting rid of it. It hurt so badly that she couldn't sit in the tub."
"She's bleeding!"
"She was too - it makes you cry too doesn't it?"
"Oh it's terrible!"
"She was raw from front to back"
"Same here, where is that paste?"

I say I offered this Kiki style because somehow Steve managed to marry a girl that enjoys starting conversations with random strangers and sharing her battle scars as much as her mother-in-law. I hope that this woman and her baby get some relief soon. I suggested she slather in as thick as possible overnight and promised she'd see results soon.

I never did get that prescription, they offered to check the voicemail, but clearly with Caroline in tow we weren't going to manage that wait. Maybe we were supposed to be waiting around to help this poor family get rid of the evil yeast infection?


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