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There are days when I stare at the blinking cursor on Blogger and sigh deeply that I either have too much to say and not enough time to type OR that I cannot think of anything remotely interesting to say. November really pushes those creative juices. I actually sent myself a text last night because lately my biggest blog blunder is not remembering the cutest or funniest things and focusing on the daily grind. Aren’t writers supposed to keep a notebook for ideas? Should bloggers do the same? Do they?

So this week you’ll be treated to a few particularly cute Caroline-isms courtesy of my text message.

“Yeah, Ok.”

This is the new Caroline Catchphrase. An example. Yesterday we were making hot chocolate together. I was showing her how to stir it SLOWLY, reminding her to be careful because it is HOT, convincing her to try a marshmallow and put one in her mug.

“Caroline, don’t you want to put one of these yummy marshmallows in your mug?”
“yeah, ok!”


“Hey Caroline before we play with the blocks, let’s pick up our crayons.”
“yeah, ok!”

With just over a month until Santa (!!!) comes it is difficult to fight the urge to switch out some of her older amusements for new and much more developmentally appropriate ones. I have retired most of the “baby toys” to a box in the attic in preparation for puzzles and new Little People sets. That is NOT to say that she is lacking in the toddler amusement area, oh no, I think she is just ready for more a few more challenging playthings.

Operation Advent Calendar is nearing completion. I have the burns on my fingertips from the glue gun to illustrate my progress. I thought I was so slick getting all my holiday shopping for Caroline done early… until I decided that she MUST have an advent calendar. It seemed like a nice little tradition to start, but it has become quite a big deal. Now that I am neck deep, I wonder about the let down after December 24th when there are no more daily treats. Will she understand that this was something JUST for Christmas? Won’t she have enough to distract her from the missing daily surprise?

The actual supplies were very inexpensive and I am hopeful I can use the “calendar” I made this year for at least a few more years. It is the contents that I missed the mark on. I hadn't initially considered that the goodies for each day were going to cost a minimum of 24 clams. Thanks be to Target for the $1 bin. I really had fun shopping for those little daily prizes which are incredibly varied (both by price and category); hello kitty band aids (free – we already own them just keep them hidden from her), Cars stickers (dollar bin at Target), big girl Ariel underwear (in case of urinary epiphany), Nemo coloring book, a school bus book in the shape of an actual school bus complete with wheels. I also picked up candy canes, which I figure she can either eat or hang on the tree, and Steve is supposed to be responsible for getting a couple other edible treats for a handful of days.

Oh the tree! We are participating in the Loban Christmas Tree Extravaganza the first weekend in December. I am so excited, but also a bit concerned about the tree this year. We have a curious toddler who will adore hanging ornaments from branches and potentially pulling them off. She will need close supervision from then until New Years to be sure that the tree doesn’t topple on top of her. Yikes! Last year she supervised the tree decoration, but knowing her the way I do the second the box top is off the dusty Rubbermaid marked “XMAS” she is going to be off and running, most likely away, with the most precious of ornaments. It will be exciting and fun and perhaps we will create a new holiday tradition; “Ornament Freeze Tag” while we try to catch her and pry those clothespin reindeer out of her hands. Wow. This is sounding less awesome the more I think about it. My visions of cocoa and carols and sitting together with the lights out admiring our decorated handiwork are quickly vanishing.

Steve isn’t really into the whole deck the halls thing and his participation is minimal. I, on the other hand, look forward to it, pine for the smell of holiday tree, and get nostalgic about each and every ornament I free from its basement hideaway. I am hopeful that in Caroline I will gain a partner in crime for holiday decoration. Steve asked me the other day if I was going to string cranberries and popcorn with Caroline and when I said no HE was disappointed. Perhaps the holiday spirit will catch everyone in our house this year after all, and hopefully none of it will fall on top of anyone.

and in keeping with my November theme: http://mccashew.blogspot.com/2007/11/gated-menace.html I heart these videos. These are from the JUST crawling collection and they make me teary for my once upon a time baby. Look at her sweet face in the second one and that little voice...and then look at the kitchen - thank god we did the upgrade Steve!


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