Truck and Turkey Sightings

Marc has arrived in CT and the boys are off to Buffalo Wild Wings for some pregame snacks and drinks. I have mostly prepared the requested dinner of my mother's meatloaf and Steve's mother's mashed potatoes. Should be a fun afternoon!

We ran to the store this morning to pick up some last minute items and hopefully the last of what we will need foodwise for this very short holiday week. As soon as we pulled into the BIG Y lot the shouts from the backseat started; "TRUCK! TRUCK!" I said, "that's right, you get to ride in a truck!" - that's what she calls the car shopping carts. Steve could not get over that she knew before we really even pulled into the lot that she knew where she was. Our Caroline is getting to know her neck of the woods.

I also convinced her that during the days our turkey hunts are silly because the turkeys are sleeping. Now instead of getting in the car and whining for a turkey sighting she says "sleeping?" How else can you explain to a 21 month old that the turkeys are not plugged in? I found a second one in our neighborhood and we even ALTERED our commute home to accommodate a drive by. I wish I were kidding. I see many evening rides to look at holiday lights in our future.

ALSO - dear winners of the Pay It Forward - be patient - with one winner in the midst of moving and the holiday this week I decided to hold off and you will understand why the timing needs to be just so when they do finally magically appear on your doorsteps.

In 2007 we were all celebrating Thanksgiving today. Here was a list of what I was thankful for then. Reading this list makes me nostalgic for the baby that used to live with us; the sweaty nap head, a baby who slept through dinner prep, her little squeal laugh. I am still grateful for many of those same things, but mostly that she has gotten so big, that I am still putting away grown out of clothes to make room for new ones - she's here, she's healthy, she's growing and learning everyday. What a blessing.


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