According to the pediatrician there is still a bit of fluid in Caroline's ears, but at this time with our follow-up appointment at Children's looming just three short weeks away we aren't going to treat this fluid with more antibiotics. With the combo of those dang eye teeth still making their entrance into the world and a really drippy nose, he felt that any irritability could not be blamed soley on ears. SO - no antibiotics but from my discussion with him he thinks that if we did move forward with tubes it might make for a much easier winter for Caroline AND her parents. We're going to wait and see what they say up in Boston, but he suspects we will be getting a green light for the procedure. So stay tuned for that exciting update. har har.

We did manage to get to the grocery store, our appointment AND the library toddler group this morning. I forgot our shopping list at home and had to wing it which meant a couple off the list purchases including turkey stickers for Miss Sticker herself. I had been aiming for a really light shopping week, but with few snacks present in the house, a juice sale, and a jelly roll meatloaf this weekend per request - our light week was in actuality a bit like a regular ol' week.

Caroline and I had some yogurt at her little table and shared an apple watching the end of a Pooh movie playing on Disney before her eyes got sleepy and she went upstairs with Abby for her nap. I feel like I have a million things to do around here today, so instead of procrastinating here I suppose I should roll up my sleeves and clean the tub. Fall has been fast and FURIOUS with the perpetual pack on Friday come back Sunday football routine and this house shows it. I almost don't know where to begin. Steve would say it is fine, but it is cluttered with remnants of this and that just about everywhere I turn. I know that the tub alone will not make me feel as if I have corrected the balance, but it is a start and I need a start right about now before I lose my mind.


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