An Unwelcome Visit to Familiar Territory

To address Erin's comment... no, I don't think I am losing steam. For those not in the know, Saturday was the last home BC Football game and being the fans we are we had a strict departure time of high noon. That makes a nice thoughtful post a bit challenging. We might also be losing the ability to keep positive. There may be snow and freezing rain here today, but it is feeling an awful lot like Spring - of 2008 that is.

Our little ear infected princess went home with an RX for Omnicef, which until I saw the actual real name on the $35 prescription I did not recognize as the most evil antibiotic on the face of the earth. The Antibiotic to end all Antibiotics. The one that caused the great rash of 2008. Oh yes. We have all been treated to frequent tearful sessions coping with green/black poop and a diaper area (not isolated to the bum, ohhh no) that is so red and raw that even a slight breeze would cause a terrified flinch. It's been a challenge and we have been so incredibly lucky to have others here to help us, to say a Hail Mary with us, to hold her legs (I wish I was kidding), and to reassure us that we are doing the best we can.

She stopped taking the antibiotic this morning. I phoned the pediatrician and got some advice - Culterelle ($27), Lotrimin ($9 - powder spray), A+D CVS Brand ($4). The antidotes to the evil antibiotics cost more than the poison itself. Go figure. The nurse urged me to continue with the medication - but we laughed at that thought and decided that Motrin would do just fine until our appointment at Children's Hospital tomorrow for the ear follow-up. We aren't leaving there without a RX for an incredible rash cream and some answers regarding the ears. My hope is that the desperation in my eyes or the contents of her diaper will assist us in getting this ear thing wrapped up.

We are thankful for so much this year and today reminded us that our family - both here and on the other side of MA- is the single most wonderful thing to be thankful for.

I am already panicked at the thought of sending her to school on Tuesday with this rash. The knowledge I have of the last go around reminds me that while they do their absolute best, this rash needs constant vigilance to get out of our life. That is exactly where I want it to be. My poor baby girl is suffering right now.

This concludes a post a day everyday. I wish it did not have to be on such a sad note. I hope to have promising news on the ear and rash front on Monday.


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