And so...

the McFam packed their bags, closed the shades just far enough that it looks like they are home, and set off on a New Year’s adventure.

Steve and Caroline dropped me off at work this morning and are now at home snuggled up watching Shrek (Caroline’s choice!). They’ll be back to pick me up around 11:30 and we are off to MA to drop off our precious cargo for her two-night stay at Chateau Nana & Granda.

We’ve placed by the door directions for an executor of our estate and for Caroline’s guardianship. It’s the first time we are traveling sans Caro since her arrival and the first time we will be gone for more than one night. One would THINK that we would have put together our thoughts on an executor and guardianship prior to her being 23 months old, but hey, better late than never. It is just such an incredibly morbid and terrible thing to consider! If something did happen that prevented us from seeing Caroline grow up or that the case was that only one of us was able to… well see I have to stop right there because it is difficult not to be reduced to a puddle of tears when imagining THOSE particular scenarios. Now that we have had to imagine the unthinkable and get in on paper, we have plans to put together a more formal Will when we return.

Adulthood really stinks sometimes. Imagining that Will leads me down the road of not being here and I think we all know how I feel about that. I get anxious and sweaty and then become completely overwhelmed at the thought in about 5 seconds. Breathe….

So we are off to Nashville to ring in the New Year and watch the Eagles run those Commodores off their own home field. I am very much looking forward to the incessant clicking in my head that I just discovered is actually from Steve’s CONSTANT texting to Marc to cease and desist. Just in case I get to missing my daughter, particularly on the flight when I am sure to be nervous (though not nearly as much as my traveling partner) I tucked one of her soft blankets in my carry on “personal item.” A. I am a freezing cold person. B. Nothing helps soothe those missing that smiling face blues like a little bit of her in your lap. C. It was better than stealing one of her favs like monkey or Abby and a bit more discreet

If you happen to be off or so bored at work that you are pulling your own hair out by the fistfuls be sure to listen/watch the game.

How's Caroline? What is this blog supposed to be about her???

SHE'S AMAZING! She's putting short sentences together. I painted her nails yesterday and she LOVED that (she said I painted them yellow, but they were pink I swear!). She loved it so much she wanted to paint mine too, so I chose clear and let her go to town. She placed my hand on a tissue and pointed her finger at me "No Move." HA! When I tried to help her "My turn." She cried when it was all over - "NAILS!"

She also loves our bed and hangs out up by the pillows under the blankets any chance she gets. She snuggles all up on her side and closes her eyes until the urge to play peekaboo takes over. Then she says "Where's Caroline? There she is!"

If I thought she was a parrot before I was totally and utterly WRONG. Each word we utter, every picture I point to and name, she is right there saying it back to us. Yesterday on the way to the bank we saw the Metro as we went under the tracks. I told her that the choo choo had just driven right over us and she was so excited. This morning when we drove under the tracks on the way to my office she exclaimed, "CHOO CHOO!" from the back seat. She is surprising us each day now with words and comprehension- even if she does keep saying "Santa Coming. Cookies." If I were 23 months old, I am not sure I would be accepting that Santa already came either.

Please keep my friend Natalie in your thoughts. She is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her baby due any day now!!!!


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