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I spend anywhere from 10 seconds to an excruciatingly irritating 10 minutes putting in my contacts each morning. Steve would say this is reason enough for me to go ahead and think more seriously about that crazy Lasik procedure. I say, no thank you… for now. My daughter on the other hand is quite an eagle eye. She can spot that little tiny baby immediately on the baby shampoo bottle and each morning when I flip my visor down to block the sun just before I turn into school’s driveway she exclaims “baby.” Yup, she spotted that “DANGER- Do not place infants in the front seat” air bag warning that depicts a baby in a carseat being squished by a deployed air bag with a big line through it. EAGLE EYE. I doubt my vision was ever that good, which bodes well for her to have a contact and Lasik-free future.

This morning I gave her a choice between Cheerios or Rice Krispies and she chose “kisspie.”

We realized earlier this week that when she gets home and sees Steve she details her entire day in little fragments.

“Santa” “Duck” “Cowor” “Mickey” “Cookie”

“I saw Santa all over town with Mom today.”
“When we were at Big Y, I got to ride in the Truck (car).”
“Mommy and I colored at my table, she drew Mickey heads.”
“I am ready for a cookie now.”

Am I the only one who thinks this is ridiculously cute?!

Ok, Ok. Wow. Who knew neighborhood gossip would cause such a commotion? Yes Emily, it is INDEED Sucktacular related. I will try to be succinct here, because you all know how I can go on.

This past Sunday, just after cookie decorating I raced outside in my socks to put the trash out. No sooner than I hit the grass did our neighbors (with the injured child from the door incident) peek their heads over the fence, “Hey neighbor!” Here are the bulleted details…

… They had just three days earlier returned home from the hospital where they spent time between the ICU and recovering from several surgeries to repair the damage to their son’s leg
… the damage turned out to be MUCH worse than initially suspected. After they returned home immediately following the incident they were instructed to get their son up and walking around as soon as possible, but he was unable to, complaining of constant pain and she took him back to the hospital. When they snipped his stitches to examine the wound AN ARTERY popped out and they were apparently (and I am sorry for sharing this) slipping in his blood. According to Mom, if he had walked as they instructed and popped that stitch at home he would have likely bled out at home before they could have gotten to the ER. I know. Turns out that the glass not only cut through the muscle in his leg, but also an artery. Several surgeries later he is recovering, at home finally, but they suspect he might have drop foot either temporarily or permanently. He’s not back to school yet.
… I am still in my socks, feet FROZEN, but listening to every word
… The real gossip is that the night they returned home just so happened to be trash night in our little neighborhood and you know who had placed a large cardboard box of what the Dad called trash of “non domestic” variety for pick-up.
… Mom of injured boy investigates the box and discovers broken photo frames and a broken wooden broomstick among other things. Not sure why she felt she needed to investigate, one would think that the kids had learned their lesson and won’t be playing with other people’s trash right?
… Mrs. Sucktacular exits her house, looks over her trash and CALLS THE POLICE saying that her neighbor was harassing her by looking through her trash.
… Police come and talk to the trash looker, get the whole story, tell her to stay away from the trash, check out the box, and are on their merry way. Trash looker neighbor was aghast that Mrs. Sucktacular called the Police and only to then hop into her car to return convenientaly after the Police had left.
... My feet were so cold I had to keep running in place while sharing the deets with Steve.

Ann and I talked about this at great length last night and I tend to agree with her. These neighborhood kids are trouble. They hang out in front of people’s houses, spread garbage everywhere, beat on each other. I want to feel sympathetic for the injured kid, but he JUMPED through a pane of a door. You can’t really accidentally do that. I also understand that the Sucktaculars do have a pretty sucky situation in that they lack a driveway, garage or shed to put things like old doors in, but that is why God created the DUMP. Haul your own broken doors, chairs, discarded tables, and sofas. I think somehow we ended up on the good list of our next door neighbors because for the most part the kids don’t bother us, they always say hello, and wave to Caroline. I don’t know if it is our proximity to their Dad’s surveillance equipment or what, but I would like to remain on the good list particularly when my only hope for a clear driveway this weekend is their oldest son.

Wouldn’t you know a monster snowstorm set to bring 8-12 inches across the state is headed our way just in time for our ride north? Sillier still is that we’ll fight more mixed precipitation on the way back on Sunday. We are working on a plan of attack and watching the latest reports. I am going to throw myself on their doorstep and beg their oldest son to clear our walks and drive in our absence both because it needs to be done and HI, is there any clearer way to say “not home” than a foot of unshoveled snow in your driveway?

We also secured my parents for our trip to Nashville for the Music City Bowl. While I finished wrapping the packages and writing (and ok, rewriting if I am being honest) lists of things to do and pack Steve booked the whole shebang. We found a great flight option the night before and my parents are moving their schedules around to accommodate an early Caroline arrival. It will still be a quick trip, but waking up there on game day seems to make a lot more sense than our previous kookoo plan. It should be fun. Considering that my father asked to keep Caroline through until the 2nd of January before learning my mother had to work, I’d say they are pretty excited about that one-on-one time too. So tell me, exactly what does one wear out in the “honky tonk area” on New Year’s Eve?


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