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Where to even start???

Let’s break it down into Funniest, Laziest, Cheeriest, and Gratifying.

Friday was definitely funniest with our first visit to Santa. Steve worked from home and we tried to get to the mall/north pole as early in the day as possible. Even though we were there well before five we still waited in a pretty long line. To pass the time we took turns pushing Caroline in her stroller for a better view of the big guy. We tried to engage her in watching the Santa Adorers and distract her from the Santa Scaredy Cats. In the end despite all the pointing and excitement there were tears and a death grip on Mommy’s arm. So I sat with her next to Santa at first in an attempt to calm her down and Santa asked (in his sweet southern accent) “Mama, why don’t you sit here and hold her for the picture?” “OK, Santa.” Even after it was all over she swatted his hand away as he held it up for a high five. 25 bucks later we have a photo, but not the one we wanted. I think we were actually hoping for an escape attempt/screaming photo for humor’s sake. Yes, I am going to hell. I totally forgot to upload the photo – stay tuned. We are hoping for a bit better Santa reception at the McFam Holiday Party this weekend.

Saturday=Lazy. We went grocery shopping. Steve and Caroline napped. We completed phase III of holiday cookies with the grand finale – decorating. After FAILED attempts for both previous phases I was nervous that the entire production would be filed under FAIL. At first our little artist plopped a single dollop of cookie icing on each one before announcing “New Cookie!” It was very cute. She really enjoyed it and we froze them to keep them for Christmas, but also to keep us from eating them all. I have lots of photos that Steve took, but I either need to upgrade my Picasa or erase some of the photos on the online albums. I have them all saved, is it time to do a clean out? OR should I just pay the $20 bucks and keep downloading to my heart’s content? (yes, I am asking you!)

Sunday was our cheeriest day with a visit to Nana & Granda’s house. There were yummy drinks, a delicious meal INCLUDING the fam holiday fav French Meat Pie. Caroline got to spend time with her Great Grandmother and Uncle Bub. Leaving their house on Sunday, it finally felt like Christmas. Sure we’ve had our tree up, the carols playing, the Santas on display. It just seems that there is no denying it now – the holidays are in full swing. Another friendly reminder is the pile of gifts still awaiting wrapping and organizing upstairs in the spare room. I successfully maneuvered Steve’s gift into hiding on Friday with Caroline and yesterday I managed to get it all wrapped up and ready.

The Head Elf Steve tells me that my gift from him will be arriving from the North Pole early. This started a silly conversation about how if I get it early I won’t have anything to open from him on Christmas morning. He assures me that this is not the case. Let us not forget that I already twittered I ruined Christmas. I already know what I am most likely receiving from Steve and to already know AND get it early seems well, a little sad doesn't it. I am PSYCHED about it - COMPLETELY psyched. Itching for it actually, but to not wait until Christmas? Let’s just say I see easier and more frequent blogging in my future.

We are already prepping for our trip to the previously mentioned McFam Holiday Soiree. There is lots to organize, outfits to plan, gifts to wrap, and appetizers to be considered. I think do to all my crazy preplanning I feel very calm overall about the holidays. There are just a couple remaining items on our holiday to do list and a holiday meal plan to finalize, but it all feels very manageable. There is something I never thought I would say - the holidays are manageable.

Thursday was gratifying when we got our surgery date for Caroline's tubes. How could I almost forget to mention that??? Thursday just feels like so long ago! January 6th. We'll hear on the 5th a more approximate time, but the joys of doing this at a Children's Hospital include priority being determined not just by surgery type but also age. Caroline is still under two years old, so the scheduler suspects she won't have to wait long to go in once we arrive. We are very much looking forward to getting this done. Things really do happen for a reason. If I was on the fence at all I jumped over to the other side after that rash showed up. Ha. I'll take things I never want to go through again for 500 Alex. We are cautiously optimistic at this point and hopeful that this concludes our trip through ear infection alley.


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