The Great Laptop Race

We waved “bye, bye” to Daddy from the front windows this morning. Caroline was all smiles blowing kisses until she realized he had driven away and she looked at me pleadingly “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” I finally convinced her to join me in the kitchen where she swatted a milk filled dora cup away. She wanted the OTHER dora cup. A few tense “Sweet Jesus, please let this pass” moments brought perspective and a new attitude to us both. She hungrily ran to her chair for breakfast where she kicked over her cereal bowl spilling milk everywhere, but thankfully not on herself. Paper towels were retrieved, she helped me mop up the mess, and we repeated the getting into booster seat maneuver minus the Cheerio carnage. We were almost in the clear with two packed lunches and the taller of us already sporting her coat. There were smiles even. Then tiny girl’s coat came into her line of vision and poof she was on the floor kicking and screaming like the monster kids I used to see in Stop and Shop and vow would never live under my roof. We were finally in the car, one of us whining for turkeys, at nearly a quarter past 8.

You can imagine that in all that commotion I did not see Steve’s work laptop sitting by the steps. You can see how I would not have been able to connect that his laptop and his body were going to be a state apart at a multi-day work thing for 3 work days. You can see where this is going can’t you?

I got a semi-frantic call from Steve at around 10, just as a call came in from my least favorite client. She’s one of those “the doctors won’t tell me anything about my aunt because I am not the power of attorney and the power of attorney is unfit” types. Nice. So even if I had wanted to jet out of there to help him out I couldn’t. At 10:30 I finally hit the road, stopped at home to retrieve said laptop, raced to his office, dropped it on the chair of the poor sap who needs to overnight it to him, and raced back to work. He’s lucky I am awesome, though I did include a list of things he can do to repay my kindness.

It’s been a day.

This week has already been huge on the child development stuff. The words that are coming out of her mouth and her knowledge of her world astound us. Don’t you dare offer her a piece of banana bread without a “gowel!” (paper towel)! Don’t even consider turning on the faucet to wash that cup she has commanded you to “WASH!” without dragging her helper chair over and offering her measuring cup to fill and dump! At our library group she turned to me during the hokey pokey and asked me to “get up!” She’s a character; half dictator half love bug.

Tonight we are hosting our suddenly spouseless neighbor Ann for dinner. Her husband Tom is a state away in the other direction training for a new position. I have a three night plan for sugar cookies that I hope will get us through the dreaded supper to tub hour and a half. Tonight we make the dough, Wednesday we will cut and bake, and on Thursday we will decorate to freeze her masterful creations for Sara and Michelle. They will love them, if they can even identify what they are when she is done with them. Mostly I am hoping we can get through the next couple days without Daddy without tears.


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