here comes santa claus, there goes evil rash

The toddler is napping, the house is tidy, the smell of holiday tree penetrates every room. It is the perfect time to catch up on all the McFam goings on. By now you’ve probably seen the little video of our time lapse holiday tree decorating. We picked up our tree at a local tree farm on Saturday. We had hoped to attend the Loban Christmas Extravaganza on top of Candy Cane Hill, but with the ACC Title Game on the line it was time for compromise. So compromise we did. Our little fam selected both a tree and wreath prior to the tailgate start time and then found our way to the Lobans (how we found them in the parking lot I will never know). It was so nice to see them and I owe them a big Christmas thanks for getting us in gear. We always seem to put it off and go round and round on when and where to get the tree, so it was lovely to have a plan this year and even nicer to see your family!

I wish I could say I used high tech computer skills for that time lapse. I located the continuous shot option on my camera and it literally had a time lapse option. I set it for 1 min and off we went. Even with those simple little instructions I still somehow lost some shots of the tree being placed in the stand, us deciding on the tree’s best side, and many light fiascos; the best of which was when I caught a beer bottle in one hand while holding a tangled ball of lights in the other just inches from my daughter’s perfect face. Darn. That would have been good. At my friend beth’s suggestion – I think we may also do a Christmas morning time lapse. To get the shots into the time lapse movie I simply employed Google to do it for me. With your Picasa account you can select photos for a movie and wouldn’t you know that time lapse is an option? I chose not to do that though because it was SO fast, so I set it for one second and tada!!!! Now go make some of your fam and send them to me asap. =)

You probably saw my twitter about sushi. We got a babysitter on Friday night and went out for drinks and sushi sans toddler. We had a great night, but were sad to hear that she was the “hardest one” the sitter had ever had. She wasn’t complaining, just being honest and given the last few nights we’ve been here at bedtime, I don’t doubt that she was the hardest one ever. Caroline has been fighting bedtime for at least an hour each night. We both alternate suspecting that the pesky ear infection still hanging out and that she is just being difficult. We discontinued her evil antibiotic ourselves and it may not have been enough medicine to get rid of it. Given the rash situation you can imagine our reluctance to see the pedi again or to fill the magic RX they gave us at Children’s. I just want that dang rash out of here before we do anything else. So basically our evenings aren’t quite as restful as they used to be and for no apparent reason. She sleeps through once she does fall asleep and doesn’t appear to be suffering from anything greater than boredom. So yet another ????? moment as parents.

Speaking of the rash – we have that yeast infection on the run now. Pack your bags yeast. There is clear skin showing through(albeit dark pink which I suspect might actually be temporary scarring!) and while I continue my frequent often unnecessary changes, I think we have seen the worst of it. The strategy that worked (and I post it here so I can reference it in the future should this ever ever happen again) was Culterelle (two tabs in applesauce or a sip of juice 1x daily), hot washcloth (Thank you ALLIE CURLEY!) followed by a dry washcloth, the Oxy something RX cream, Triple Paste layered on top of that, and changes every two hours. There were lots and lots of diapers and many tears, but we got through it. We can’t wait until we only need wipes and about 5 diapers a day. I think that day is coming soon thanks to our vigilance. Special thanks to Steve my expert Triple Paste Smearer.

AND last but certainly not least, Steve is traveling to upstate NY on business this week. That is just one more reason to really get this rash licked before Tuesday as there will no longer be an extra set of hands to force Caroline to bend her knees or get her dressed while the other wipes the paste off their fingers with approximately 10 wipes. I have simple meals planned in his absence and hopes for easy nights filled with sugar cookie decorating, present wrapping, toy reorganization, dresser top cleaning, floor washing, and hot chocolates with extra EXTRA marshmallows.


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