I owe you a long one.

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor never ending snowstorm was going to stop the McFam from making it to MA for the annual Family CHRISTMAS Party. (that was for you Papa!) Steve negotiated a non-working morning to travel with a fulfilled promise of an afternoon of conference calls and emails. We were able to take off as soon as the bags were loaded and the adults were showered. We cruised safely into town before the first flake fell (and left on Sunday before the last one).

I love that “coming home” feeling you get around the holidays. Auntie C and Auntie k both came straight from work and there is such a feeling of both electricity and contentment in the air; The excitement of the gathering and the well-rehearsed tasks of crabby and mini hot dog making/package wrapping.

We had to make a call to the pedi (OF COURSE) on Saturday morning for a constipated toddler. Thankfully we had Kiki there to give us a lesson and one Dulcolax and one nap later, let’s just say all was well.

Of course there was platter after platter of amazing foods, many lovely conversations, and a brimming cup of holiday cheer. Our little Santa lover was not too keen on sitting on Santa’s lap, but we tried it anyway with mixed results. I suspect the photo will be Caroline oozing off his knee in that toddler limp body escape maneuver, which I secretly think is FANTASTIC!

Another successful shindig McFam!

Sunday brought more snow and with it a tenuous attempt to ride back home. We stuck to the coast and went through all types of weather en route; light flakes, big beefy flakes, near white out conditions, pelting rain, ice, and then as we pulled into our driveway – sun. We had just one near miss the entire ride. An SUV ahead of us slipped and began to fishtail and we watched her in that horrible slow motion mind trick swerve back and forth for a good thirty seconds before she hit the lane barrier. Thinking it was over I finally stopped repeating “slow down, slow down, slow down.” But it wasn’t, she careened off the barrier and back to fish tailing only to find herself completely perpendicular to oncoming traffic. Even when it was finally over, I think I was saying “stop, stop, stop.” I then of course ask my husband to lower his window and ask her if she is ok, which seriously he couldn’t do, we were on 95, but still. I was worried about her.

From what we heard from locals here they got slammed pretty bad with major highways and routes closed down, people abandoning cars for the night, or taking ferries home before those too were finally shut off.

We are gearing up for Christmas. There are updated advent calendar photos along with a couple cute videos; “What happens when you give a toddler socks as a gift” and “Up, Down.” I flew through the grocery store yesterday morning picking up the supplies for the week and for Christmas dinner. I need some help locating red pepper jelly and pineapple preserves. Any ideas?

Today is Caroline’s one and only day of school this week. She was so proud to give Sara and Michelle their gifts. Tomorrow she will spend half the day at home with Daddy and I can’t decide who will be more excited about that. We are so lucky to have such an involved Daddy.

The excitement is building.

How oh how will be break it to her on December 26th that Santa won’t be back for an entire year????


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