Veggies and VandY

So I don't neglect to mention our little princess in this football related post... Guess who recently decided that she likes broccoli after all?!? Yup. All those things I read about just putting it on her plate even when I know she will either ignore it, spit it out, say "yuck," or even toss it towards me - they were RIGHT! Two nights in row we have had a veggie lover who reaches not just willy nilly, but PURPOSELY for her broccoli. There really is a Santa Claus!

Tonight we are hosting Ann from next door for a light supper of Matzo Ball Soup with a nice loaf of fresh bread. Yum. I have some neighborhood gossip to share with her (we are such busybodies) and it will be nice to have the company. The gossip is GOOD, but you will have to wait for that - can't spoil it for Ann!

I still have several gifts to wrap and packing to do for the weekend. The last couple nights have been mostly spent strategizing (through gritted teeth and crossed arms at times if I am being honest) a potential trip to Nashville for New Years to take in the BC VandY Music City Bowl Game. (That's right Steve, VANDY not Vanderbilt, VandY) Can we also talk about how UNJUST it is that Vanderbilt will get to play AT HOME in NASHVILLE?!!? ANYWAY. We have gone through countless scenarios, more than a few calls to my parents the likely Caroline sitters, and we have NOT arrived at a decision yet. It is just such a quick trip that we want to both maximize it and not spend a fortune on two days. I am hopeful that we are reaching the conclusion of these discussions. Mainly I was against taking a 5:45 AM flight the day of the game which also coincidentally is New Year's Eve. Something about 22 hours of potential awake time was just not sitting well with me. I know. Steve just wants to go to the game (with his girlfriend Marc) and my parents are excited at the prospect of two solo days with Caroline. It is a win win, so long as we don't exhaust ourselves completely from our little getaway. I think we are reaching a point of consensus and for that my packages, packing, and holiday hors douvres are very merry.


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