neverending day

We had a long Monday. The only saving grace is that I did not need to navigate to or through our Children’s visit solo. Kiki led the way to Waltham, accompanied us to the appointment, provided entertainment in the waiting room, and distracted Caroline during the appointment. When the Physician’s Assistant asked about her speech I could confirm my answers with someone who doesn’t see her everyday that she speaks pretty darn clearly. She asked the good questions that I would never have thought of (removing earrings – necessary?) and reassured me that seeming eager to get this all cleared up might get me in earlier and not label me a “crazy.”

Post visit we enjoyed a lovely little lunch at the Chateau before hitting the road. Caroline was out in .3 seconds. She woke up midway through, but was in good spirits. Now comes the part that made me almost lose my mind. My phone battery died (I hadn’t charged it the entire 5 days we were away!) so I couldn’t call our pedi until I plugged it in. The PA at Children’s was not comfortable prescribing something for the rash, which I totally respect, but seriously the desperation!!! My mind raced and I recalled that there was some RX cream at school. So we stopped there on our way, picked it up just in case, got a last minute appointment (“we have a 4:00,” “do you have anything earlier?” “3:45” “what time is it now?” “3:25” “we’ll be there!”) at the pedi to look at the rash, raced out the door 10 minutes and one poopy diaper later, got a “yup, it’s yeast,” a “nothing RX will do any better than the Lotrimin you are already using,” and a blank stare when I begged for a sample of Vusion. Raced angry at the wasted copay to the nearest pharmacy, which was a Walgreens and a wasted trip because I guess I forgot that I hate Walgreens. Raced to nearest CVS and picked up enough supplies for home and school, diaper pins, and extra diapers. Made it home just as Steve pulled into the driveway at a quarter past five. Retrieved extra cloth diapers from attic and turned toddler into Tarzan for the evening. We went through 3 in just two hours – how did people do this!?!? Rifled through diaper bin and discovered a teeny tiny amount of squirreled away Vusion. Thanked the universe. Applied at bedtime, awoke to a far less angry though still irritated rash.

We are not surprisingly scheduling the procedure for as soon as possible. Of course the doctor operates in the satellite location the second Tuesday of each month and of course that would be today, so we missed December. We hope there are openings the first Tuesday in January, but when I speak to the OR scheduler later this week I will be sure to let her know that we can come today, tomorrow, or next week. We got our little pre-op questionnaire completed too – by a less than Children’s friendly lady I might add – the only person we’ve dealt with so far who has been less than stellar. Then again, she is well aware that I am potentially that pushy parent no one wants to deal with and frankly, if being the pushy parent gets me scheduled sooner so be it. Am I even capable of being pushy??? For this, yes.

The rash – well – the evil green/black tar ceased overnight on Sunday and since then we have seen small improvements. It is more raised, more yeasty, but she no longer screams bloody murder at the thought of a diaper change and we are both no longer sharing tears throughout the awful process. I said “sorry” so many times to her during changes that yesterday at home she starting saying “sorry” too. That just about broke my heart. I brought her to school this morning and looked at the girls as sternly as I was capable of and said I needed them to be on the team with us. I told them that without their commitment and dedication to keeping her dry and medicated we collectively cannot beat this thing. and then I showed them. I didn’t want them to be horrified later. I wanted them to see me do it; how much product I use, how I apply it and I told them that if they use the whole tube or the entire $20 tub of Triple Paste in one day I don’t care, just keep doing it. They are on board with changes every two hours or as needed and I am going to call at naptime to see if things are getting worse.

In conclusion – there will be tubes, the rash is terrible but we have hope, school accepted the impossible mission, and we are home. It really was a wonderful holiday! The end got a little dicey, but without family it would have been so much harder. There was great food, lots of treats, many laughs, a MOVIE out!, and good times together. Let’s not let the rash tarnish the memory of what was really a relaxing and fun family holiday. Thanks Kikerria and Papa.


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