So I validated her feelings

We successfully (and I use that term very loosely) made it through night one sans Da-dee. The lovely Ann from next door provided not only distraction but also very welcome adult companionship. I whipped up a quick batch of Chicken Corn Chowder and wouldn’t you know, the toddler tried it and then opted for a second container of yogurt. What can I say, her pronunciation was just too correct and she was genuinely excited to enjoy it. We set her up with Ariel in the family room while the grown ups finished eating and chatting. Sorry to add that poor Ann who just entered her third trimester (seriously how did that happen?!?) was getting a not so nice view of toddler tantrums complete with kicking and back arching. Ahhh, toddlerhood.

After we saw our guest out, I abandoned all hope of sugar cookie making because oh the whining. She fought me tooth and nail throughout her getting ready for bath regimen actually holding her sleeve on with both hands in an effort to dissuade me from pursuing the bath issue at all. While she screamed I selected her outfit for today and her pajamas and then firmly planted her in her “so warm and inviting I wanted to jump in too” tub. More tears and then the dreaded cry hiccups. Luckily as I headed upstairs with her to start the water I had a moment of genius and paused whatever was on ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas. We later found out it was “The Cat In the Hat” which = perfect. So while I dried her feet and attempted to force her whirling arms and legs into the appropriate appendage holes on her pjs I started telling her that tonight we would do something different and snuggle together for a bit while watching the special show. I even broke out the social work skillz and validated her feelings “I know that you miss Daddy and I understand how difficult it must be not to have him here with us. It makes Mommy sad too, but since it is just us girls let’s do something special.” Whatever I did, it worked. No sooner than her hair was combed was she snuggling her little body into me and pointing toward the inviting covers of our bed. So we watched our little show and I previewed tonight’s lineup; Mickey’s Christmas Carol (!!), Pooh and Friends (!!!) and THEN Here Comes Santa Claus (!!!!!!!) I DVR’d them all and I think we will spread them out over many nights, but talk about an ace in the hole! Post snuggling we returned to the living room and read two books by the glow of the twinkling tree lights. We talked about her day and I sang her a quiet song. I could feel that it was somehow different than the past rough nights we’ve been having. She settled right into her bed, sighed that contented sigh and I didn’t hear a peep from her until this morning. Thank God. It had been 5 nighs of hour plus crying. My poor girl must just need more time to calm herself before we plop her into bed and I am happy to oblige when it calls for cuddling, singing and being close.

TONIGHT we make the sugar cookie dough (I am STILL debating recipes!) and then post bath we’ll continue our new routine of snuggling together in bed with Mickey. If you hear shrieks of delight at about 7:45, don’t worry, it’s just us enjoying what is becoming a lovely family holiday tradition. Thank you ABC Family. Next year you might consider skipping the alarmingly frightening Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I heart Johnny Depp but this movie – disturbing! More Polar Express. More Mickey. More cute kiddy specials that I grew up on.


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