Staples is now 5 for 5

A year ago this week Steve was up in Albany, NY for a work meeting and we all experienced that terrible ice storm that stranded people on highways for hours and hours. Steve made his way to the Springfield area and thankfully was able to spend the night at my parents’ house. The major highways were CLOSED so there really was no way to get home even if he wanted to push through the storm. So wouldn’t you know it, today – the day he is supposed to hit the road in the early afternoon- we are experiencing another crazy storm. He reports that it is already snowing up there and while we have rain down here at home, he will need to travel through a sleety terrible mix. Who else votes for Staples to consider planning this meeting for late spring or summer??? We’re hoping he can take it nice and slow on the ride home, but assured him that if another night is necessary to keep him safe we will be ok. He just wants to be home and this time he has a colleague with him to help him wipe the windshield, so we suspect he’ll make it here at some point tonight.

As for us ladies hanging at home… we’ve gotten through. Each morning I was greeted with “My Da-dee?” and after we pulled on that day’s clothes we went to search for Daddy under the covers and behind the door and out the window when she would inevitably turn to me with her hands in that upturned confused way, “wheredhego?”

I had high hopes for cookie making, but next time I will just make the dough myself ahead of time. We used this recipe (using salted butter so we omitted the salt and per suggestions of commenters added almost a full TBL of vanilla). Even my skeptical Caroline couldn't get enough of licking the dough from the mixer paddle. My daughter is such an independent “Me do” kind of girl! She wanted to stir the flour and baking soda. She wanted to beat the egg. She wanted to “gradually add the flour to the mixer,” but I draw the line at doing it by the spoonful. We ended up with a time out not because she was being particularly naughty, but because she was so frustrated that I wouldn’t let her scrape the sides of the moving mixer and WHY couldn’t she add in more vanilla? Everything tastes better with more vanilla! Her frustration just kept compounding and she was a screaming teary mess… over holiday cookies. Ah the joys of the season. Time out was more of a chill out and it definitely calmed her down.

We halved the dough and wrapped it in wax paper for tonight’s rolling and cutting adventure without incident. I struggle with this. She wants to be my little helper and I want to provide opportunities for her to safely get involved. I put aside my clean gene and let her mix the flour so that it ends up everywhere and I actually do it with a smile. The fun of having her doing it with me means so much more than the recipe being perfect, BUT MAN, she is asserting herself. How dare I close the sugar up when she wasn’t done sampling it! What a witch I was for not letting her play with the cutting edge of the waxed paper!

We did have a nice tub and snuggle before bed watching “MICKEY!” This led to a two nights in a row easy bedtime. She kept getting up to put her fish soother on, but after the third go around she was out until 6:45. And just like that is Thriday.


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