Where to start?

We’ve been really enjoying our unplugged (if you don’t count college football, the iPhone, or catching up on perez) between holiday break. Although I am at work for a half day today, it feels like I have been home for weeks. It has been such a treat to have Steve home and to be together for the entire day. It has been lazy. It has been snack-filled. It has been wonderful.

This post could be the largest I’ve ever written if I detailed all the goings on, but instead I think I’ll just let the photos of the holiday speak for themselves. We really enjoyed spending time with both sides of our family and Caroline is so excited about all her new diversions that she doesn’t know what to do first when she wakes up in the morning. She is incredibly fortunate and clearly loved so much by so many.

I’m just running around trying to capture all the fun on video, “film,” but mostly with my heart.

Steve is home with Caroline this morning and then we’ll be packing up for our little football getaway. We’re planning on driving her up to Nana and Granda’s early Tuesday afternoon before we hitch our flight to Nashville later in the day. We’ll be back to celebrate the onset of 2009 before noon on January 1 and I suspect that after we pick her up post flight we’ll be pretty pooped. We’re looking forward to it, especially with all the enticing texts coming north from Marc & Kelly who are already soaking in the Nashville sights.

Not promising, but I suspect there might be a couple on the fly updates here.


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