another week... another weekend on the road.

It was the weekend of the shower! I spent Saturday afternoon at my neighbor Ann’s baby shower. She was positively glowing in blue and I hope she won’t mind me posting a photo of the adorable baby sock corsage they made for her. SUCH A CUTE IDEA!

Tom was able to make it up from Virginia for the occasion and I was struck by how excited he seems for his son (Tommy) to arrive. They had decided to start the shower earlier given the snow moving in and by the time we hit the road at 2:30 there was already snow on the ground. So thanks Ann for the head start – about an hour in we were ahead of the snow. I tracked it like a crazy woman on weatherunderground via iPhone. It was awesome I tell you.

We had a lovely pounded chicken farewell dinner for Auntie C who leaves for Oregon at the end of this week. 12 weeks!! I hope it was clear to her how proud of her we are, how much we will all miss her, and how much we love her. Seems like she’s got a plan though – her calendar of visitors or visits to others living out that way appears to be quite full AND she gets to go and meet DOOCE in Portland on her book tour. I am fully expecting the customary colleen self pic! No excuses!!!

On Sunday afternoon Kiki and I made our way to Courtney’s baby shower. It was a lovely afternoon and it was so nice to catch up with some friends up that way. I was even inspired to pick up some Rotell for Caroline’s birthday shin dig. I was struck by an emotional pang as I hugged Courtney and Sean goodbye, how characteristically Kerri (har har). It’s hard being this far away when things like this are happening up north. I am very much looking forward to there being another baby at the beach this summer. By summer 2010 Caroline and Baby M will be holding hands and jumping waves… well – maybe 2011, but SOON ENOUGH!

Back at the ranch things seem to be back to normal. I had a really lovely day with Caroline yesterday. There were so few meltdowns and NOT ONE time out. We didn’t make it to our Library group – grocery shopping proved a bit more time consuming than I budgeted, but that was really ok. Caroline helped me put the groceries away, clean a rotisserie chicken (mostly she put the meat in the gladware), we made airplanes from blocks and snowmen from play doh, and we watched Ariel. I had her entertained until about 4 when we collapsed under a blanket on the couch and enjoyed some Curious George.

Is there ANYTHING in this world better than snuggling with your toddler? Of course, my toddler likes to lift the corner of your shirt to touch your tummy, but I think this makes it that much better. After such a pleasant day we were so content sitting under that blanket together. I got drunk on the absolute goodness of this life we have. It only got better when Steve got home and Caroline ran to him announcing to us “Da-dee home. Da-dee home.” You would have thought he had been away for weeks and not the workday. We made her a grilled cheese knowing she would not approve of the crock pot roast, but she enjoyed the plain ol’ bread and butter more. Who doesn’t love that Bummel and Brown Spread? I taught her how to somersault. I saw myself reflected in her eyes. I held her close and begged her to never change. It was a day.


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