Birthday and Birthday


There were streamers and fish sticks. There were smiles and laughs. There were some tears too. There was a sweet little birthday party.

It began a bit rough when our birthday girl decided that she her regularly scheduled nap was somehow mysteriously optional. Both she and C3 Family Christian opted out of naps and trust me when I say that you would never have even known that they were utterly exhausted until they both fell asleep at 6pm. Caroline sported a bit of eau de overwhelmed clingy when she walked downstairs to find the grandfolks and some friends all waiting for her. It was a simple little get together (helped along very generously by the skills of both Kiki and Nana). Caroline and Christian had a blast playing with the balloons we had blown up for the ceiling. We had great luck with the Balloon Time One Time Use Helium Canister. I found it at BJs and it worked great, nearly 50 balloons full and on the ceiling! One caution is NOT to blow up the balloons the night before. Sunday morning we awoke to a sea of balloons on the floor, which was fun for kicking, but would have made me cry on Saturday. The birthday girl blew out her candles with the assistance of her Papa. Mom and Dad were trying to capture it through digital media. I’d say we caught it – the photos are up – you can be the judge.

We are so thankful have an amazing extended family who not only come all the way to us for these celebrations, but who also bring along such yummy additions. It was so nice to see little Zach who it is hard to believe is 7 months old and sitting up solo. Christian is so smart and such a ball of polite energy. Marc, Kelly and the baby entourages – thanks for coming by. It really means the world to us.

It feels strange to have already celebrated Caroline’s birthday. She doesn’t officially turn 2 until the 4th, but she will have to contend with the Super Bowl from now until eternity and unless we are living much closer to more of the family I suspect we’ll be celebrating early or late. Which is better? Someone else is going to have a similar conundrum;


Little Daniel Nolan, born early Monday morning to Sean and Courtney three weeks early. CONGRATS to the new parents!!! Please send photos soon!!! Yes Steve, all your friends’ sons at high school graduations and confirmations to come will inevitably hit on your daughter. It will be hysterically funny.

Maybe you saw my twitter on Sunday night about Caroline thinking that their baby was a boy – maybe you thought – is this an announcement? Silly twitter. People, I would hope I would have a much better way of making news that big public. =) Funny though!

Sunday evening brought the telltale signs of a cold. I acted quickly taking Zicam and Emergen-C. I woke up with a stomach bug, the very same stomach bug I had last year pre-Mexico. WHy don't they make a Zicam for that? It was so eerily similar that I would have thought I had been transported back in time 11 months except this time I had a pint sized nurse standing next to me patting my shoulder telling me it was ok while I hurled my guts out. So – yay – stomach bug. Steve’s day was understandably too crazy to allow for an early dismissal, so Caroline and I were left to our own sick day devices, which meant lots of Disney, sharing saltines, and naps. Steve came home and announced that he was getting sick too, but thankfully with the cold and not the double whammy I got hit with. He means well, but his suggestion for me to have some chowder yesterday almost made me throw up on the phone. I could barely keep the crackers and ginger ale down at that point. I did manage to get a quick shower and by quick I mean I got out after about 45 seconds because I thought I was going to lose all the crackers and ginger ale and the thought of having to clean vomit out of the tub only made it all the worse.

Feeling 100% better in the belly department today. Feeling 100% worse in the drippy nose and cough department this morning. I’ll take it to not feel my gut cramping into telltale you’re going to ralph form. So we’re sick. I am hoping hoping hoping that NOONE else gets this – how guilty would I feel?!?!?

Thanks for coming and hoping you didn't take any germy parting gifts home with you!


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