Enjoying, annoyed by, stressing about...


Pandora Radio
Working on Staff Directory for our elderly volunteers (why do I enjoy this???)
The last of the clementine crate
Slowly re reading The Year of Magical Thinking when my lame work computer freezes
Thinking about Caroline’s Birthday Extravaganza

Annoyed by…

Budget Meeting during Staff Meeting
Coworkers who repeatedly request staff directory and yet are unwilling to do it
Loud discussion in main hall about cell phone minutes

Stressing about…

The party details – do we have enough forks? I forgot to count our white mugs! What can I get done early in the day? How many times will I have to vacuum in the next 48 hours? Will she freak when we sing happy birthday? Do I have candles? Shoot I have to run to Target to get those photos!

It is Thriday. I am so excited for our little girl’s second birthday party and yet I am reluctant to accept that she is about to be two, that I will answer how old is she with a year and not months. We looked back at some very early photos of Caroline to put by the cake and could not get over how much she has changed and yet, how she remains very much the same. (you can experience the same yourself by peeking back at her photos link) This weekend is sure to be full of moments we'll freeze into our parental memories and tuck away. When in doubt of our memory's ability to properly shepherd these memories, well, that is what we have multiple cameras (and photographers) for. I often worry that perhaps I care too much, that I emphasize these details more than I should. I look to Steve to be my barometer.

This morning my gauge drove to a mall 20 minutes out of his way, far closer to my parents than to our home, to select an appropriate princess worthy outfit for his daughter to wear. My Steve likes a bargain and he loathes spending more than he deems appropriate (eg. Jeans in Steve’s world should cost 20.00. Not Caroline’s jeans. Adult jeans. Yup!). He completely splurged on Caroline’s birthday party wardrobe. Clearly there are many other ways to show people you love them – and we practice those everyday – but when Steve goes out and spends with wreck less abandon, well – that’s when you know it is really important to him. Before you get to thinking that Caroline will be sporting a pageant gown, she won’t be, but it is a special little outfit that under normal circumstances we would not have purchased. When we were comparing choices last night he said, “this one is way nicer,” without even flinching that it cost double the next best option. So Caroline, when you look back at the photos of this day, at that carefully selected dress with the cake smeared all over it, at your unending smile and the smiles of those you bring such immense joy to, I hope you remember that your Daddy got you that special dress because he wanted you to feel like the beautiful princess you absolutely are and always will be to him.


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