a long overdue update

I feel like I haven't posted in WEEKS. Sure, you've seen some on the fly photos with mistyped captions, but it's not quite the same is it?

We hope that everyone had a great New Years! We celebrated in Nashville with the Albennys and Marc's sister at the Opryland Hotel. For the first time ever we exchanged puzzled looks when the NYC ball came down and we still had an hour to go. I guess I never stopped to consider other time zones and what they do after the NYC ball drops. Weird.

We've been enjoying some rest and relaxation since picking Caroline up from her stay at Chateau Nana and Granda. Speaking of the grandparents, they really enjoyed their time with her. Every morning when I called to check in Caroline was happily playing after a wonderful night's sleep. She did not want to talk to me and apparently didn't really miss us, which is a good thing I suppose. Each night when I called to see how the day went my parents sounded happy to have her and were completely unfrazzled. It definitely made it easy to enjoy our little getaway.

And enjoy we did! On Tuesday night Steve could not get me to leave The Stage because the band kept playing great tune after great tune. Who could actually leave while they were playing Summer of 69? or The Gambler? WHO???? Not this girl. Marc's right though, Roberts was better. Cover bands are awesome, but a guy who says "praise the lord, amen" before flipping off the crowd is something you can only see on Broadway in Nashville, TN. Roberts was really great though... lots of Johnny Cash and totally authentic. The regulars could not have been less pleased to see us walk in the door. We did get to meet the Aponavicius clan there and they were all super nice. Steve loved that.

The game - we all know how it went - that is to say not well. BUT WE WERE THERE and that was pretty insane, despite the unbelievable COLD. I cannot believe I am saying this, but I would ABSOLUTELY go to another bowl game with Steve. It was really nice to do a quick getaway, it was fun to be there just us, and it was a great time. So thanks Marc and Kelly for the invite to come join in the festivities. When Caroline is old enough it would be a really great thing to do with the whole fam. Great all around. Just great!

So what's new???

Tubes on Tuesday - I get the call on Monday telling me what time her procedure is and what time we need to be there. I removed her flip flop earrings tonight before her bath. She was more confused than upset, but they were on there nice and tight so it took a little tugging. That was reassuring. I can't wait to get them back in her ears.

"The End" (says it at the end of books before she closes them OR in the middle when she is all done)

"Yeah, Okay" (realized today that Steve and I say it ALL THE TIME!)

"Wait" (with finger pointed while she runs back to get more "hot dogs" for Daddy)

and speaking of hot dogs - she makes them constantly in her little kitchen and makes sure to put "katchip" on them


Pouring water into a cup from her pretend faucet - "wa wa" and then demanding people or stuffed animals "DRINK!"

"Where'd she go" When kitty runs away from her

"I want Daddy" (Alternatively, "I want Mommy" when some unspeakable act like a diaper change or tub disrobing is administered)


"What should we build with these amazing blocks?" "HOUSE" or "Airplane"




"Eloise" (we just started reading it)


and empathy all over the place. If she hits you with a book while forcing you to sleep and you say ow she kisses your forehead. If she drops a doll she holds them close and asks them "okay?" and my fav - "my turn" and "your turn" and an understanding of the word "SHARE."

She's blowing our minds. We are so proud of her and so thankful for all this really incredible time we have been able to spend as a family. Getting back to work this week is going to be rough.


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