Pull ups and Party Prep

Thanks to the recs here and with the Beanies I stopped on my way home yesterday to pick up some pull-ups. Caroline was delighted that they featured Dora and I crossed my fingers at bedtime that they would both fit well and stay put. Sure enough about 30 minutes post goodnight kiss Caroline was still awake, unzipped, hand under onesie rubbing belly, BUT the Pull-up was in place. She immediately sat up declaring “full dipey.” This is such a stall tactic, I know this, but I cannot help reinforce that she doesn’t like the feeling of wetness. New Pull-up in place, zippered up sleeper and she was out cold shortly thereafter. I retucked her as we made our way upstairs to find her once again hugging George tightly. She unzipped herself at some point this morning, but that Pull-up was still in place and both she and her sheets were dry. So eureka. Why didn’t I think of this???

Party preparations continue. I am scoping out some things over my lunch hour this afternoon. My goal was to be relaxed and as laid back as possible about this birthday, while still making it special and fun for her. I have somehow held myself back from going completely overboard, which is way harder than I thought it would be. Our theme lends itself to many crazy time consuming crafty things and I have had to keep my fingers busy at night drinking wine and eating chocolate dipped Madeline cookies. Seriously BJ’s why must your bakery torture me so? With my total lack of craftiness I am trying to make a case for one spendy feature. The debate continues.


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