"Santa coming" ummm. no.

Thriday never felt so strange. How could it possibly compete with the recent Thriday Christmas and Thriday New Year? Sadly, my day tomorrow will not include sleeping in with the whole fam watching Blue’s Clues. It WILL however involve a much-needed Caroline and Mommy day, which we will kick off with the newly rescheduled Friday Toddler Time at our Library. We missed it on Monday as we packed ourselves up and located Mack’s earplugs for post surgical tubs, water fights, and dips in the frigid surf with Papa come summertime.

Sure, I have to pack up a bit on Friday per usual, but that won’t stop us from enjoying some special Caro and Mommy time. Maybe we’ll meet Daddy for lunch? Or get ice cream sundaes? Or watch Belle and brush each other’s hair? Truth be told, I love having a little girl.

We are heading north on Saturday afternoon. There is a hmmm… get together? on Sunday (which I am not sure I can discuss? Can I?) & a very special bon voyage to Auntie C who leaves for the west coast on business for twelve weeks on January 17th. We are so proud of her, but we will really miss having her on this side of the world.

Before we hit the parkway I’ll be helping to shower my neighbor Ann who is due with their son Tommy in just over a month. Time has flown by (at least it feels that way watching her pregnancy from a distance) and I cannot imagine that there will be another baby on the street soon!

Caroline did really well at school yesterday, which was an amazing relief since it was her first day back on their schedule in two weeks AND she was just 24 hours post op. It’s true. Kids relish a set schedule. There were days we were home with her that we couldn’t get her to nap until nearly 2pm, but at school - BANG - out at noon. I won’t complain, I know how fortunate we are to have caregivers who offer such a consistent daily routine.

Steve is waiting to hear about a potential office change that will put his new home office right down the street. AMEN. Poor guy has been hiking it over 30 minutes north for quite some time now and it would be just splendid to have him closer to home (not to mention as a helper with the day care dropping off and picking up). So let’s all cross our fingers that it works out for him.

Post holiday life is kind of boring in comparison isn’t it? We are still trying to explain that yes, Santa is coming, but he won’t be here for another 11 months and that yes, he likes cookies, but leaving them out for him now would make them awfully hard by the time he got here to sample them. January is a tough month isn’t it??? So we decided to give people something to look forward to and host a little second birthday party for Caroline at the end of the month. Plans are in the works for a cute theme of course and I am busy thinking of ways to transform the house in a way that will thrill our toddler. We’re in Caroline’s 24th month (eek!) and I swear I have a new set of photos coming. Hard to imagine that she has been here for almost two years, that last year this time we were thinking about weaning, moving to a sippy, wondering when she would walk. Time slips by.


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