This tidal wave of a week

What a strange week.

Mondays stomach bug gave free entry to the cold to end all colds. Tuesday brought an appetite, but also an empty fridge to fill on a workday. Wednesday the snow moved in canceling daycare for Caroline, granting Steve a working from home day for her Dad, and a 1/2 day for her Mother who really utilized the afternoon to snuggle under a blanket and watch a lot of Disney. Thursday brought the revelation that it was actually the last work day of the week and also a new job opp via some casual lunch time seminar networking (no details worth sharing yet) ironically on increasing caregiver happiness.

Today ushered in spontaneous songs by Caroline, namely this one.

"na, na, na... na, na, na... Elmo song." You Tube - you have done well. That little ditty we have watched on repeat of Elmo singing his song to Big Bird and Snuffy apparently had some staying power. Seriously adorable from the front seat on our way back from the pharmacy.

My nose is still dripping like a faucet and I hear that Mrs. C3 is still quite under the weather herself. BUT MRS. C3! Caroline has been sporting all three of her princess skirts! at once! There are even photos posted of the dress up fun. Also accept my apologies for bringing this plague of sickness upon your house, especially when it will put a damper on all the fun of your closing today! CONGRATS LADY!!!

Birthday videos en route...


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