Winter Weekend at home - unplanned

It is amazing the things you can accomplish when you are home for an entire weekend, particularly when you hadn’t planned on being home. The whole New England and winter thing caught us a bit off guard and so we had 48 hours (Steve doesn’t get MLK off) together at home. Not sure what you do with found time, but this is what we did.

Saturday –

… headed west early to pick-up Caroline's Birthday Present; a Cozy Coupe in excellent condition. It still needs a little TLC before her party this weekend, but half the price of brand new= awesome. We had a little convo en route about “what to expect when you arrive at craigslister’s home?” “Friendly?” “Sketchy?” The answer my friends was “Sketchy.” We pulled into the driveway, rang the doorbell, and minutes (entire MINUTES) later the garage door opened up and an adult male handed over the coupe in response to a woman screaming “Michael!” from upstairs. I think the condition of the Coupe cancels the sketch level. Also – yes, we are giving our daughter an outdoor toy in the dead of winter. Why? is that strange??

… being out in a neck of the woods we were completely unfamiliar with and needing some lunchtime sustenance we set the GPS for a mall. Since the Coupe was taking up the trunk we hadn’t brought along the stroller and this meant we needed to “rent” one of the mall cars. Thank goodness they have these, I cannot imagine how we could have managed the mall with Caroline minus a stroller. She enjoyed the novelty of it and Steve enjoyed the ability to act like he was driving, complete with swerving and brake noises. We were quite the sight.

… the food court was so amazing that we saw a birthday party set up. (You know I had to figure out the birthday party plan and Steve deduced that the girls had gone to Build-a- Bear, conveniently located off the food court, had a pizza lunch, cake and ice cream.) After our family had a little lunch, Caroline FINALLY got to stretch her legs and play in the great mall playscape. Steve couldn’t get over that I was going to let her go for it alone, especially when there were so many kids, but she held her own as she went down the slide over and over and over again. Each time she reached the top she would seek us out to make sure we were watching, so cute. We were impressed that she did not push, waited her turn patiently to go down the slide, and was able to reconfigure her plan when kids would climb up the slide of her choice. SPEAKING OF – what gives parents?!? Your kids should not be CLIMBING UP a slide. Seriously!?!?!? There was of course one child completely out of control, jumping on other children, from the equipment, and basically behaving badly. His mom took him out only to bring him back minutes later. Steve’s direct quote was “if that kid touches her again, I am going to punch him in the face.” I had to laugh at that one, until I realized he was completely S.E.R.I.O.U.S.

… TWO STORY CAROUSEL. It was Caroline’s first ever ride and so you know I had to make sure she got on a horse that went up and down. She loved it. All day when she looked at her little horse hand stamp she would tell us, “horsey!” “up and down!” Why doesn’t my local mall have a two-story carousel???

Sunday –

…yet another snow event. I prepared for Caroline’s birthday party this weekend by writing a lot of lists. I rethought our little not lunch, not dinner menu. I attempted to make a fishing net out of twine. FAIL and please don't ask.

… Caroline woke up from her nap with a completely dry diaper. So I plunked her down in her potty seat with some juice, some goldfish, and Mickey. Lo and behold there was tinkling/peeing/whatever it is you personally might call urine and did we make a BIG DEAL out of that. There were M&Ms, calls to Nana and Kiki, hooting and hollering, high fives. She hasn’t done it since, but what a huge moment. Our short-lived potty interest from the summer appears to be returning.

… AND THEN it sounded like ice falling off the roof or a train headed directly at our house. A pipe burst in the crawl space beneath the addition. Nice. Wonderful. It was a miracle that Steve was able to locate the until now unknown shut off for that particular pipe that supplies water from the house proper to the backyard off the addition. Thankfully it is just that one pipe and the plumber lives around the corner. Not looking forward to paying for that new pipe BUT very excited about getting a new faucet out back. We are waiting until things start to thaw to get him back to do the work since the pipe is solid ice right now.

… Caroline followed me around during this water emergency nervously trying to figure out why her mother was screaming “WATER,” and why her father was racing to the basement to turn the water off/”wa wa off.” I managed to get to the phone and call the plumber. I believe my exact words were, “pipe burst, under the house, lots of water, crawl space, can’t turn it off, Chris lives around the corner from us.” Click. Caroline spent the next 20 minutes saying “outside?” “wa wa off?”

Special treat on Monday was lunch with LILO. Caroline ate very little, played with all Ethan's toys and books and decided that she didn’t really want to share her mommy’s lap. She also saw a photo from the Loban nuptials and declared to one and all that it was "Da-dee!" Sorry Steve. Ethan was such a contented happy eater and I was astonished to feel the strength in those little legs as he pulled himself up to standing. Amazing. It’s always nice to talk with down to earth Amanda about all things mom and non-mom related. Such a breath of fresh air. We’ll host the next one!

And because I cannot post something this large without a cute Caroline story, allow me to share her latest bedtime activity – unzipping herself and opening or removing her diaper. What fun!!!! Steve had to deal with a wet mess the first time and last night I had to nearly wake her to put her diaper back on and zip her up. I hated to move her because she was snuggling so adorably with George. The ladies of the beanie board have spoken – pull-ups at night. Brilliant. Wonder what the little minx will think of that!


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