5-day weekend

A little housekeeping. After great debate I have relocated the photos to the photo link under “honey roasted” aptly named for Steve’s favorite peanut. Instead of a long list of albums you will be transported magically to the general McCashew Picasa album where I am quite sure you can find whatever month or photo you might be seeking. Speaking of photos – there are few really sweet ones from this weekend.

Weekend wrap-up? Steve and I enjoyed packing as much fun and couple time as possible into the 4.5 hours we had a sitter on Valentine’s Day. With just a hand wave towards cell phone numbers posted on the fridge and a snack drawer slide out we bolted out the door to grab some wings and beers before our 2pm movie. Classiest thing in there was the girl at the bar in her skinny jeans scarfing wings. Most classless? The forty-ish guy slugging shots of Ketel One. It being V-Day and all Steve arranged for “Rachel Getting Married” which was a really great movie! Anne Hathaway really deserves the award nods. Post movie we trekked across the street to the first place we had dinner when officially made the move to CT. (the first first place we ever ate was the wings joint where we were brokenhearted to discover the Yankees game on in place of the Sox) I tried to recreate the drawing I made on the table that night in 2006; a rudimentary depiction of our journey and when it came time to star our current location I was so confused about where we exist on the map. Recreate I did, I still can’t quite place us on the map, much to Steve’s delight. Being back in that restaurant brought back memories of our big leap, how exciting and terrifying it was to be there, how in just one week’s time we would learn that our twosome was to welcome another member. We didn’t yet have a grip on this new life we were living and we wouldn’t ever really get one, because man, it was changing. We ordered take out from this restaurant Valentine's Day 2007 when Caroline was just 10 days old. Being back there was odd and strange and it makes us nostalgic, even if we only lived there for a year.

We talked about whether or not we could move back there, if we would want to. Quite often we discuss the limbo of location. Stay put? Move "home?" If we do stay put do we consider a move North closer to Boston? Move back South? This town has great schools. It is an amazing community. It is one of those places that feel so instantly comfortable and yet interesting little run-ins with a certain type of resident sometimes leave a bad taste in our mouth. Like one half of an older couple seated next to us for “linner” who upon being told to head to the back bar for a table immediately expounded that it was a way to get more money and he wasn’t fooling for it. They went on to argue with the waitstaff about not ordering their appetizer (they did) and whether or not a salad was going to be enough for them to split. They went to the same matinee we did and also enjoyed it. I have passed my keen people watching to Steve over the course of our nearly 8-year relationship. We both sat enjoying our meals (burger for him, pear gorgonzola and chicken salad for me) with one ear to each other and the other to this couple raising an eyebrow every now and then. Talking only with our eyes it was clear – this could NOT/would NOT be us in 30 some odd years, but yet it so easily could be. As for whether or not we could or would move back, I think we would be open to it.

We glanced up the hill when we returned to our parking spot and decided to breeze through the old condo we rented when Steve’e employer gave us four weeks to move our entire life. We couldn’t tell for sure if it was rented or empty, but I barely felt those familiar speed bumps. The first place we had lived down here, the first bedroom Caroline had slept in, the place where we hunkered down to weather the newborn fog.

Sunday we enjoyed Uncle Bub’s company for the morning. He colored Snow White under Caroline’s close supervision and assisted her in decorating cakes with the adorable set he brought for her birthday. A brand new Cinderella doll accompanied her in the car on our ride to meet up with Nana and Granda. I made a serious misstep in assuming that there would be a short wait for dinner and neglected to make a reservation or put our name in. So it is my fault that we did not enjoy lettuce wraps, Mongolian Beef, Chang’s Spicy Chicken or that amazing brown rice. We’ll just have to try it again. At the end of our little linner at CPK Caroline had clearly bonded with Uncle Bub as she leaned in to snuggle him from her highchair. All day yesterday she kept talking about Bub and the butterfly (“buh-fy”) at Rainforest Café that she saw with “Nana” that was moving “moo-ing.” (there was also an alligator/“dinesaur” in the water/“wawa” and a “snake” and those were also moving/”moo-in.”)

We did not get to see TJ and his entourage on Monday because the poor boy had a fever brought on by a virus and his mother threw her back out! We are hoping for speedy recoveries and a healthy rest of the winter for their fam. They have had a tough go of it this season. Caroline and I are going to take a trip down during the time Steve is away for Marc’s bachelor party in March. So fear not Tasha, a get together LOOMS!


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