and she'll have fun, fun, fun till her Daddy takes the T-bird away

Not even 24 hours into Caroline’s 25th month, there is already a Picasa album started. You’ll find a few photos of some birthday cupcakes, videos of the candles being lit and then blown out by Mommy, videos of her gift that arrived FedEx from Auntie C in Portland (those are mostly for auntie who couldn’t see the joy on her niece’s face when she opened MARKERS!!!), and of course her reaction to her birthday gifts from her parents.

Gift One was an assortment of late winter clothes to get us through as she moves from 18-24 months to size 2T (sniff!). I have a bevy of folded up confections waiting for spring, so we’ll call this her transitional wardrobe. She cannot possibly appreciate the new wardrobe she sports with each passing season. I have a girl who is pretty true to her age/size and this has made it easier to shop those end of the season sales. Like many other moms, clothing management feels at times crippling. Maybe I should detail my current system in another post, because MAN – I could use some help in this area and I am sure others could too. Happily there are many gently worn second hand items in that “future stash” that I cannot wait for her to dive into. If you check out the photos you will see that she genuinely appreciated and adored each and every item she pulled from that gift bag; displaying it against her body, gently placing in on the chair between her and ‘rella.

Gift Two was the refurbished Cozy Coupe! It was scrubbed, sanitized with a bleach solution, and even the tiniest details were cleaned with a q-tip or toothpick. Even Neil would have exclaimed, “CLEAN!” DELIGHTED does not begin to describe her reaction. She spent the last 20 minutes before bed climbing in, slamming the door behind her, steering, jumping out, slamming the door… and repeat. She loved it and when the clock moved past her bedtime we looked at each other in horror. This my dear friends, could only end in tears.

We had the best intentions, really we did. The family dined on her favorite meal of spaghetti and meatballs. Pre-dinner we offered her the option of opening her presents, but the birthday girl’s response was “Not yet.” She was too busy playing with her beach themed play doh play set. She had footprints to press, pink doh to slice, lobsters to punch out. Who needed presents? During dinner we decided that we would wait until after the birthday phone/video calls had been made before we gave her the gifts because there was no way she was going to say “Hi Nana” or “Love you Auntie” when there was a cozy coupe involved, this much we knew. After many quick and lovely calls to her nearest and dearest, we finally pushed the coupe around the corner. I know pre-bed gifts was a bad idea. Honestly, judging from her reaction last night and this morning, we could have given her 8 hours to play with it and she would still have been sobbing the most desperate tears into my shoulder, “Daddy, Truck!” She cried all through the disrobing, all through her bath, all through pjs. When I sat her down on the sofa (the Coupe stowed out of sight) for books, she sniffled and snuggled up to read Goodnight, Boston as if nothing had ever happened. If the toddler years are any indication of her teen years, we are in for it. How can one go from terrible thunder & lightening to breezy & sunny with birds tweeting instantaneously?

The good news is that she loves her present. The bad news is that she has a hissy anytime we try to get her out of it. The good news is that she is currently employing the “my bones turn to j-ello when I don’t get my way” tactic, which results in her sliding down the coupe and onto the floor, allowing me to simply push it forward and voila! I can’t help but say “That didn’t work out the way you thought it would, did it?” WHICH IS SO EVIL OF ME! The bad news is that she hits her head on the hardwood every time she does it which = more tears. Ah, the life of toddler. The novelty of her coupe will wear off, but we already can’t wait for the Spring thaw to set our girl and her new ride loose in the backyard. Until then she’ll be cruising the dining room and yelling at Reese to “get away, my truck.”


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