Babies & Beer

It has been quite mild around these parts lately – maybe around you too? I made an error in wardrobe judgment yesterday and selected a short sleeve top, which I later replaced with a tried and true sweatshirt after my outside the house activities were done of course. I have certainly gotten better at making it appear to the outside world that I have it together. As the seasons mock us and pretend to be changing I am struck with the overwhelming realization that I have yet another closet reformation ahead of me. Last summer I had not yet embraced the “for me” movement so I know I have a little updating to do. Groan.

We had a lovely little weekend at home. We woke up Saturday to text messages from our neighbors that they were at the hospital awaiting their son’s arrival. Go ahead you can click over and see what happened, I’ll wait here.

I kept checking for updates and offered my services to the extended family that had made their way to town to wait for the baby’s grand entrance into the world later that night. We had a date with Tom and Ann to have dinner that night, so we went despite their obvious absence and toasted that the new parents might meet their son soon and meet him they did! We are delighted for them and it is taking a considerable amount of effort to keep myself from prancing over there right NOW with lasagna in hand to swoon at the newborn’s delicious baby head. I might get a chance to congratulate the new parents in person later this week on my day off for Lincoln’s birthday. Wahoo! Wedsriday!

On Sunday we had a nice visit from Mary and her girls. Emma is so grown up that it is hard to imagine she was ever the tiny baby I first met and Julia is full of spunk and spirit clearly watching her big sis for cues on what to do next. Mary is such a great mother and we were so glad to offer her a nice little break in her ride home from the city. We are hopeful that schedules will allow us to help them celebrate the upcoming 1st and 3rd birthdays!!! There are some photos up on Picasa of their visit and as you can plainly see, they are gorgeous girls. Caroline was on cloud 9 having pint sized visitors to play with although we did notice she was a bit territorial with little Julia. It was so so nice to see the girls!

Steve had some serious time to kill on Sunday as he continues his Football Detox. What’s better to do on a free afternoon than brew your first ever batch of beer? He cooked up a (hopefully) lovely Sierra Nevada clone and we are cautiously optimistic that his first attempt will be not only drinkable, but downright delicious!

Monday, Monday was perfect from beginning to bedtime. We had such a lovely little Mommy and Caro day together. We hit the library for sing along and storytime and left without incident. She was so unbelievably angelic (save for a few sad moments that I chalk up to toddlerdom). At dinner there was a request for “more chicken please.” Not only did she WANT chicken, but she wanted more, PLEASE!. I was a little surprised because my “shake” of chili flakes was more of a “SHAKE”, but lo and behold my daughter loves chicken stir-fry. We’ve been trying to have this meal more often; lots of fresh veggies, yummy chicken and the Organic Brown Rice ready in three minutes from Trader Joes. It is quite popular in our house, apparently by ALL members of the fam. Honey, if you will ask “for more chicken please,” I will make this meal for you EVERYNIGHT. =)

Bedtime has been a bit easier too with the introduction of the “big girl pillow.” I’ve been wondering, exactly when do babies go from mattress to pillow for some time. We just got a couple new pillows so I pulled out the saved for just this occasion matching pillowcase and eureka, she loves it. She reminds us as we walk her upstairs that she has a “big girl pillow” and snuggles down on it like she has the most amazing thing ever in her bed. Of course, this has provided additional play options with George, Abby, the monkey, and the puppy who used to be found lined up either at attention along the edge or scarily face down “sleeping.” Last night she had George in one corner of the pillow and Abby in the other and they must have been having a fantastic convo because she was awake all through Obama’s speech and needed some extra coaxing to “get comfy.” All that new pillow excitement was just too much for her!


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