Fresh New Look

Wait, hold on! You are in the right place! This is really McCashew –a snazzy new sassier McCashew that is. As you can plainly see I kept myself plenty busy on that little day off this week. The lovely Ellie Moore of Rainy Day Templates conjured up this new space. Now, we all know how wonderful I am at making decisions. I have been known to break out into hives deciding whether or not I want something to drink and please don’t ask me what exactly I would like to drink if I reply in the affirmative because, JEEZ, I just MADE a decision, can’t I just sit this one out?? With limited input Ellie kept surprising me with totally “Kerri” ideas including that sweet little pop of pink asterisk/daisy. I think the product is exactly what I had in mind and we got there without the pressure of dictating my vision in painstakingly specific detail. If I said, “I think it is missing something, how about some color?” POOF, a perfect background! She was wonderful to work with from start to finish and should anyone else be considering a fresh face for their blog I enthusiastically recommend her.

Special thanks of course to Steve and Colleen for kick starting this project with a holiday gift. This space makes me so happy, it feels very me, and I am doubtful I would have done it without your encouragement!


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