perfect in our imperfections

Is replacing a soap chip with a brand new bar akin to replacing an empty tp roll? How about awareness of the conditioner level?

I hopped into the shower earlier this week looking forward to the five minutes of hot steamy solitude, only to discover that I had been left with a tiny elf-sized chip of soap. What’s a girl to do when she’s already wet and the room is sufficiently steamy? Let’s just say that somewhere in the body-washing portion of my shower I ran out of soap. I have no idea when exactly that moment occurred. It is better that way I am sure.

This morning we flip-flopped our routine. I was dubbed the dropper offer and Steve the picker upper. While he lay in bed waiting to hear every excruciating detail of the Travis the Chimp 911 call, my toddler was bouncing off the walls begging to go downstairs. I reminded him that flip flopping meant he was actually “Kerri” and should be getting her fed and ready for school while I was “Steve” showering and dashing off toddler in tow. Just as I was able to close the bathroom door to trap that pore cleansing steam in the room, I noticed that there was a teeny tiny amount of conditioner left, enough for me to shake the container violently to get a smidge. Cursing the world imagining that full brand new bottle below the vanity did not make the conditioner in my palm magically double in diameter. I replaced that bottle of conditioner post shower with the brand new bottle, huffing and puffing the whole time.

On Tuesday I thought twice of my evil plan to send Steve soapless into his post gym shower and kindly reminded him to grab a new bar from the linen closet. I am not that cruel. He will readily admit that the soap was his fault, but he calls BS on the conditioner. As it turns out – I huffily replaced that conditioner with a brand new bottle of shampoo.

See, I’m not perfect either.


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