Shopping Potty Talk

Did I fail to mention that I made a little trip up to my consignment shop President’s Day? With the library closed and an empty pantry my options for the day were somewhat limited. Let’s not even discuss how it is also School Vacation week which means all the special fun activities (like an aquarium for example) were going to be well, packed to the gills. So after some speedy grocery shopping we jetted to the consignment shop.

I have found that I need to be a bit choosier about what I bring home because kids at this age really beat on their clothes. While everything my shop accepts is always in excellent condition, I am seeing more items that have enjoyed a few rides in a hot dryer and are probably a bit shorter than they used to be. While I think my daughter’s bellybutton is adorable, we’ll opt to share it at the beach. I actually shopped through the both the 2 and 3T sections for tops, which resulted in some great finds (hello, crewcuts polo for 3.50). I picked up a few dresses (perfect for the Vineyard in June) and some tops that I know I can pair with items from the end of the season sales last fall. Her spring/summer wardrobe is starting to fill out. This might very well be the first season that I am not concerned about her growing out of things before she actually puts them on. Add in the amazing deals during the $10 Gymboree sale this past weekend (that additional 20% off coupon sweetened the deal) and we are sitting pretty. Now only if the darn winter would END already.

Caroline had a blast pulling dresses off the rack to show me. She turned her nose up to some of my choices, but when allowed her to pull these same items from the rack herself during the final pre-register tally, they were suddenly amazing, “LOOK MOMMY!” Yes Caroline, your mother has no style herself, but for you my dear, she sometimes has a pretty darn good eye.

There is but one issue I have with my little shop. Caroline poops within five minutes of us walking in the door, just long enough for me to already have a wonderful item in my hands to purchase. This leads to a non-stop debate in my head, “grab her and run for the register” or “shop quickly.” I usually do the latter because let’s be honest, I have a toddler. Any visions I had of selecting things carefully are certainly pipedreams. I am not going to be very long. I actually smelled her before we walked in yesterday and then BAM! Mere minutes later I was pulling her over to get a better whiff. My daughter must just get very excited about bargains? Auntie k, watch out!

Does this happen to other Moms? What do you do? Is there etiquette on this kind of thing? and what does it say about me if I blatantly ignore this so-called etiquette? should I care?


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