Frugality be damned. McCashew has spawned a stepsister.

I am pleased to announce the creation of McDeals and $teals. With the economy in the toilet and everyone feeling the crunch in one way or another, I suspected I would be posting many more entries about bargains found while shopping for growing Caroline’s spring/summer wardrobe. I also suspected that some of you might not want to read about that perfect little sundress rescue from my consignment shop’s rack. There’s going to be more than just my most recent shopping conquest because though it might not read that way, I don’t shop all that often. You can look to McDeals and $teals for coupon codes, giveaways, and online bargains to share and not have to worry about yet another “can you believe this deal!?!?!?” post here on McCashew.

How do you get there you ask? It’s easy, over there under peanuts, hardy har har! With the blogger blog list function it just got easier to keep track of the deals I might be posting about with the date and title of most recent post feature. Happy Sales Hunting!

In McCashew related news, we discussed our Portland agenda with Auntie C. Seems that she and Steve are cut from the same cloth; they just feel more comfy when they have a plan. I won’t say that I don’t like a plan, I do. I just don’t feel pressured to have things figured out quite the way they do. Though to Auntie C’s credit – she’s got to feel some pressure to entertain all the visitors she’s been having. I might however be coming around to having a general itinerary because now I am able to be excited for a vineyard, exploring the Gorge, enjoying Happy Hours that begin at 4, and exploring a side of Portland unfamiliar to our tour guide when we head to the Trailblazers/Spurs game for Steve’s birthday on Sunday.

You can count on some iPhone’d in updates over the weekend and many a twitter.

With under 24 hours to decide if my future included a trip to Chicago for BlogHer09 I bit the freakin' bullet and registered! After a careful googledocs spreadsheet comparison of flights options (Steve likes itineraries, I like charts) the jury was out until a car convo en route to beantown. I'm going!!! Steve informs me that I am not allowed to "quit the blog between now and then." Now to secure that roommate...


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