A true day off

Since I am “working from home” this fine President’s Day, I thought I would skip yesterday to get as much work done as possible in my shortened week. My office is closed, but since I am technically a “consultant” I can work a few hours here at home and add it to my time sheet, which I am fully taking advantage of.

The house feels odd. I had to put the Today Show on in the background to drone out the eerie quiet and wind blowing quite briskly by my windows. I suspect my day off from most of my responsibilities will be spent eating chocolate and finishing a little project I have been racing to finish for Tommy. These babies (Tommy and Little Danny) and their crazy rush to get here early have totally thrown me for a loop!

I am still sitting in my bathrobe, drinking Ruby Red, wearing glasses. I’ve been spending more time in my bathrobe lately. Steve’s office relocated just down the street recently and with that came a juggling of the morning/afternoon routine. Most days he brings Caroline to daycare and I handle the pick-up. This allows me to spend more time with Caroline in the morning (we have all but eliminated the necessity of Blues Clues to dry hair and apply mascara!) and our rush, rush, rush to get out of the door has given way to leisurely questions like “more syrup?” I see my family off at the door waving from the window in my bathrobe before racing upstairs to get myself ready to face the day. This happily has resulted in way less craziness and I think a pretty nice little routine. I am fortunate Steve has been able to step into a part-time daycare dropper offer role. I forgot how much I love sitting in my bathrobe and enjoying my entire English muffin.

I looked at Steve this morning and asked him what we were doing this Saturday because I totally blanked. Here’s why – we have quite a weekend ahead of us! I am hoping to meet Tommy at some point today. Not sure what Caroline and I will cook up for our Girly Friday. One of the girls from school is spending the afternoon with Caroline on Saturday and we have grand plans to catch a matinee of Rachel Getting Married and some yummy lunch. Uncle Bub is coming down to visit on Sunday and then we’ll all pile into cars at naptime to meet my parents halfway between here and there for a rare family "linner". Monday we’re hoping TJ, Tasha, and Tony might stop by for a quick visit on their way home from visiting with her parents.

In news that might only be exciting for me, I am hoping to be checking out a test blog shortly of McCashew’s redesign! This day off has afforded me the ability to make time for a pleasant back and forth with the designer I chose for the project. I cannot wait to see what she comes up with. McCashew is getting a fresh new look! Now, to go save all this to the Free Agent for nostalgia.

I’m off to eat a package of mini M&M’s and consider a shower.


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