West Coast Bound

It has been awhile since I’ve had to pack up the family for a weekend away. Earlier this week Steve took bath duty and I managed to wrangle 4 days worth of toddler clothing together. I laid it all out and organized it neatly before stuffing it and some overnight Easy Ups into the “Caroline” bag. In no time at all I was reading “Goodnight, Boston” to my damp haired thumb sucker. It was so easy that I keep second-guessing myself, “does she need an extra pair of pjs? Or another pair of shoes in case she goes to the beach?” No I said to myself both aloud and in my head, it really was that easy. So I wonder, was it really that much more challenging to pack her up before or have I just gotten better at it OR (and this is probably the answer) have I mellowed a ton since she arrived?

Packing for myself. Let’s hope it goes as smoothly. Auntie C instructed us to pack lots of layers and to be casual. How hard could that be!? Like most trips we take, I don’t fully absorb that we are actually going somewhere until we are packed and on our way. Steve logged on to check our flights and seat assignements last night and discovered that we don’t have confirmed seats on the flight back. (Thank you Orbitz for your lovely fine print!) Of course even if we could select seats, only middle seats remain – which means that not only will we potentially be surrounded by armrest hogging strangers, but we might not be together. As of this moment. Calls to the airline and Orbitz both resulted in the same result. We have to try to log on again when they open some seats up in the 24 hours before the flight. I am hopeful that we will actually be together. I am not panicked but who will I nudge when I read something funny in my magazine? Who will I share a soda with? Who won’t mind me laying my head against their shoulder?

It will all work itself out and I am optimistic that these minor issues really should not be concerns at all. In the meantime I am coming up with Plan B just in case. We have the usual travel distractions; books, DVD (on loan from Caroline), iPod, iPhone Craps. I realize I am years late on this book, but having lived through those years why revisit them unnecessarily? Oh I know why, they loom for your daughter. Nothing like preparing for the teenage years in toddlerhood, but I hear the preschool playground can get rough. I dashed over to my little yarn shop to attempt this as a way to prep me for this ultra ambitious project.


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