agent p

Caroline is back at school today with a verbal warning to Sara and Michelle about the recent issues we have been experiencing related to her “plumbing.” It’s the nicest way I can say it.

Steve and I realized early Saturday morning that something was not quite right with Caroline. She wasn’t hungry, not even for fishies during errands, and I knew it was time for raisins and juice and to cut out the dairy, which was of course the only thing she was interested in eating. Agent P did not make his very regular appearance. Sunday brought googling and time spent on WebMD where we were faced with revisiting the dulcolax episode or finding another way around the situation. I ventured out solo to investigate options and came home with watermelon flavored saline laxative tabs. I also purchased the Dulcolax, but we might as well put that under glass with a “for emergency use only” sign etched in. I fibbed and told her it was a vitamin and she liked it so much she asked for “more, please.” She got a second one after her nap and it worked miracles, but I cannot imagine how the diaper contents actually came from her body. It was bad. I held her telling her “sorry, honey” and our little parrot parroted it right back to me, which only made the whole situation even sadder. I’d like to report that this is all behind us, but I can’t do that. Yesterday yielded only wet diapers and “I didn’t”s when questioned about the whereabouts of Agent P.

Agent P aside, we had a lovely weekend. Caroline and I spent the morning with Erica and Zach on Friday. I cannot imagine that all the spring babies are turning one in a matter of weeks! After our errands on Saturday Auntie k drove down for a special overnight visit that absolutely made Caroline’s weekend. She woke up from her nap on Sunday afternoon asking “where Auntie go?” Mommy and Caro hit up the library on Monday which she told Steve all about when he got home, “sing songs!”

I realized this morning that this weekend was our last one at home for quite some time. We have lots of exciting things happening, many wonderful celebrations. Spring will slide into Summer and time will start moving fast and furious. We will be at the beach before we know it – or at least I tell myself this to keep from going insane when faced with yet another teasing artic day. While the weather makes up its mind, I will focus on locating Agent P and demanding some regularity.


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