hair today, gone tomorrow

Caroline has been handing me hair she finds around the house. Hair from the blanket. Hair from her pants. Hair from my shirt. We have a cat. I have longish hair. Heck, she herself has longish hair. No matter how often I clean, now matter how spotless the house is, she is going to find it. My new approach when she finds are errant hair is to make light of it and throw it away acting as if it is the smallest no nonsense thing. So far that seems to be working. I know, I know, but what about the bath????

Saturday night bathnight went so swimmingly well that Auntie k may have thought that we made the whole thing up. Sure Mommy did have to once again pony up with the two-piece for bathtime, but as soon as I convinced her to come play with me she had such a great time. She blew bubbles with the George bubble bath, gave her baby a good scrub down, and even colored on the wall with the bath crayons, but really the bubbles were the stars. She did not want to get out. Let me say it again for emphasis. She did not want to get out.

Last night we decided she smelled just enough to warrant a tub and she went up the stairs willingly and without incident. She playfully leapt into Steve’s arms, something she hasn’t really enjoyed since the bath issues began. It is adorable. Steve sits on the steps just outside her door and she scampers over to some very specific space in her room where she steadies herself, says “GO!” and races across the room and off the step into his arms. I skipped the bathing suit, bubbles seemed to be enough motivation. We washed her baby, washed her, blew lots of bubbles and things seemed to be going so unbelievably well until suddenly she remembered the hair and freaked. It was almost as if she had completely forgotten about the whole issue and had this kind of “hey, wait a minute, I hate baths” moment. So out she came and the lesson we learned is that short and sweet is better than happens only through tears.

I do think that she is giving me a hair complex at this point. Whenever I find one, whether she is there or not, I am so quick to remove and hide them from her that I am becoming a bit hair phobic myself. Can phobias such as this be spread and if so does it mean that I also will be lavished with attention and bubbles every 3 days???


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