I am happy to report that things have settled down quite a bit on the home front, with the exception of this fabulous cold that seems to finally have caught up to my tired body. Emergen-C and Zicam be damned, this time nothing could fortify against the non-stop drippy nose. I slept most of the night Wednesday with a tissue hanging from my right nostril because every time I fell asleep without it, I woke almost immediately to sniff in the terrible gookiness. It was gross to the nth degree, but unfortunately necessary.

Caroline charmed me this morning asking for “bunnies.” Keeks, she loves those little bunnies. Steve checked emails at the breakfast table while the girls finished their cereal and smiled at the cute way she has of taking a heaping spoonful of cereal, judging that there is too much, knocking a few bunnies off and successfully negotiating the entire spoon into her mouth. We both had a “our kid is totally MENSA” moment last night during her reward for being such a good girl after school AND at dinner. We watched Ratatouille before bed. She loves the “Mouse Movie.” This is the part where I pretend you are also a Disney expert and you will nod your head furiously and then react with a forehead smack at her brilliance. When the rats expose the colony at the granny’s house and they all start making a run for it, Caroline yelled “book! book!” because she KNEW that little Remy had to race back into the house for the “Anyone Can Cook” book. I know, she’s totally going to skip third grade right?!?

Let’s go back to dinner. In the interest of getting well this week’s meals are of the comfort variety. Last night was grilled cheese with clam chowder. Delish. Caroline dipped her sandwich into her chowder and gobbled two helpings right up asking for “more soup!” I delight in watching her try new things, seeing her trying to copy what we do, nodding at us with wide eyes searching for approval.

Dinner tonight is halushki. We have NEVER had it before but looked up a simple recipe after seeing it on a Pittsburgh episode of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. It is coincidentally the show that Sean and Steve envisioned creating, minus the alcohol. Here is the recipe. It looks easy and it is sure to satisfy both the cold and the Eastern European part of me.

1 med head of cabbage, sliced
1 onion, diced
½ stick of butter
1 8oz pkg broad egg noodles

Cook and drain the noodles
Boil the cabbage for 6 minutes
Brown the onion in the butter

Add the Cabbage and Noodles to the OnionsS/P to taste


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