It was a confusing weekend for Caroline. Our arrival at the beach sparked a mile wide smile, but the excitement vanished as we walked up the steps and down the walkway to spot our first glimpse of our favorite beach this year. We haven’t been to the beach since the early fall and the look on her face read clearly, “Why is that water so angry?”

She didn’t want to be put down at all inside and insisted on a guided tour of the house by Mommy. She seemed to “get it” a bit more when we went upstairs, but that only led to more confusion. Where was Kiki? Where was Papa? After some pizza and snuggling, it was off to bed in a room that must have seemed completely foreign to Caroline.

Saturday morning brought back some of her beach memories. She spotted the beach out the window and immediately started calling for Papa. He is without fail the one who gets her out to the beach first thing in the morning and it is difficult to discern which one of them is having more fun. A man walked by taking an early morning stroll on the sand and suddenly her calls for Papa became frantic, “Papa, come back!” It is going to be one heck of an awesome summer and being up there only makes us nostalgic for Massachusetts and builds that "let's move back here" feeling.

To make matters more confusing she was smothered with love and affection from Nana and Granda, visiting with us for the weekend and helping me score big at the consignment sale. She actually called my father Papa a few times, but since we have been home she has been looking at the photos from the weekend screaming “Granda.” We had a great time visiting with my parents, introducing Granda to the deliciously dangerous Dark and Stormy, eating lobster pie at the local watering hole, and sharing delirious soul lifting laughter with our moody two year old.

My parents recollection of my second year is of course the picture of perfection; never talking back, always obedient, sleeping from 7pm to 9am. Caroline may not be sleeping in or listening all the time, but I think we can all agree that she is amazing. We’ll keep her, 5:45 am wake up call and all.

There are over a hundred new photos up. These are my favorites along with this adorable video (the last shot is actually a video) Steve took on Saturday morning when I headed out for the sale. Speaking of, you can look for the deets on our amazing consignment score over at McDeals and $teals.


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