less bath, more soap

Let’s put the hair panic on the back burner for today. Not to worry; I am sure that after our planned bath tonight there will be plenty to talk about tomorrow. Mommy and Caro took a trip to Target last night in search of fun bath time activities and came home with bubbles, Curious George bubble bath, a bubble blower, bath crayons and because I couldn’t resist, a bath appropriate baby doll. She is already quite taken with the baby, stopping in the hallway this morning to point it out and jumping up and down with excitement that she was allowed to play with it in bed while I got dressed. Baby is apparently a girl and her name is Baby Dear. Tonight I’ll hop into a swimsuit for a bubble bath with Caroline and little Baby Dear.

How about we talk about my little parrot instead? Having Steve back has reminded me that as much as my toddler is talking a LOT these days, most of what she says still needs to be filtered through an interpreter to make sense. I don’t want to diminish her amazing speech because it really has taken off at an alarming rate since her tubes in January. I got the “I’m not sure I believe you look” from the pediatrician when she asked for an example of a phrase Caroline is saying. (“No Kitty, get down.”) Good thing I kept it to myself that she spontaneously ABC’s and 123’s up to 10. I often find her reading a book, a greeting card, or even a catalog to herself aloud. Granted the words are gobblety gook with an occasional identifier she sees on the page like “skir” (squirrel) tossed in, but wow! My daughter the reader! I am literally busting at the seams at the thought of real honest to goodness chapter books because… CHAPTER BOOKS!!! She’s no Wito, that’s for sure, but she is definitely amazing us with her knowledge of the world around her and her ability to express herself using words more often than whines.

When I pick her up from school each day we seem to have the same conversation.

“you went potty???”
“Yeah!!!! Wash hands. Soap!!!”

Everyday. Now I should explain that she sits on the potty with the rest of the group I refer to as the Potty Posse – those old enough in her room to be working on potty training. Potty time is the posse sitting together on the tiny adorable kid sized real toilets in the bathroom giggling together, but still sitting on a potty nonetheless. Without a doubt she is more excited about the hand washing and in particular the use of soap than anything potty related. Try as I might to fit in praise and high fives for the potty sitting, she skirts right past potty to soap in a flash before I can even raise my hand or utter anything prideful. Caroline, lover of all things clean and tidy.


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