"Lizzz Lemmmon!"

Thanks to the cool mist humidifier the girls got a full night’s sleep. There was some yucky coughing around ten, which got me off the phone with Steve and up to bed in preparation for what could have been another long night. No sooner than I closed my eyes did I open them to the morning sun shining through the curtains. So Sleep Gods, I owe you one for the fairy dust.

“My soup!” With Steve away for much of the week I planned a few simple meals that hopefully won’t result in lots of leftovers. Last night I brought back last week’s popular grilled cheese with chowder and the little one was even more excited about it this time than last. She ate three servings, slurping, leaned over the bowl, saying “My Soup!” the whole dinner. Too bad that soup season is kind of ending now that spring is almost here, but what a good quick go to meal for her.

The photos are trickling down to us from the weekend. Seems like Caroline thinks she was the Belle of Auntie C’s ball. There was a nice dinner and evening while Auntie C was visiting from Portland and by all accounts she delighted in the guests and festivities. Nearly every person at the house told us how good Caroline was, how sweet she was, how much fun she had. It was a complete departure from the previous week’s behavior that made us want to pull our hair out and left her in a perpetual rotation with time out. The ebbs and flows of toddlerdom. This week an absolute peach, next week a soury lemon. Good thing I love lemons.


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