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Parental guilt settles in fast and it settles deep doesn't it? One minute you can't imagine going home with your two-year-old to experience another night that slowly drives you insane. The next you feel pangs of regret that you spread her bad behavior so viciously around the web.

As Beth said, "welcome to the terrible twos," except my daughter doesn't/hasn't acted like this before. Sure, we have an occasional outburst, a head on the floor pouting session or two, but the non-stop whining that makes me feel like covering my ears and say "lalalalalalala" to block out the sound of the nails on chalkboard whining? Yeah. We haven't really had that.

So instead of leaving that post up at the top, let's just turn the figurative page on this, ok? I am far too proud to delete it; it's there, it's history, it's part of raising a toddler, and deleting it won't make the experience of last night go away. Right now I am headed out the door to pick my precious one up from school. I am not experiencing dread, not really anticipation, just a hope that tonight will be better than last night. Isn't that all that any of us can wish for? a better day than the last?


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