real piggies

Caroline decided that she didn't want to nap at school yesterday. Her mood throughout the evening made her fatigue quite obvious. She walked herself over to time out several times to calm down. She went to bed about thirty minutes early but was up until almost nine alternating between playing and whining in her crib. This morning at just after 6AM I was awoken by calls of "mommy!" at an impossible to ignore volume. The level of neediness intensified with each eye squeezing silent prayer that she would settle back down. So I've been up since 6, though I did somehow convince her to come lie in bed with me to snuggle for a bit and we lasted this way cartoon free until about 6:30.

Three separate people stopped Steve at drop off this morning to tell him that they cannot believe how much Caroline has grown recently. There is evidence of this sudden growth spurt all around us. She expertly spoons Rice Krispies into her mouth, pushing the strays that stuck on her top lip in with the back of her hand. When I get out of bed in the morning she hands me either my slipper socks or my hooded zip up because she knows I am not going anywhere until my continued warmth is assured. At night it is a challenge to read her a book, she just wants to "read" them to us. Her pig tails now resemble honest to goodness little girl pig tails not just odd antenna sticking out of her head in a "well, at least I tried" kind of way. She can pull out a favorite amusement that used to require our assistance to open. She even recently turned her back on the mouse movie "tooey" and now insists on the Lion (Lion King). We still skip the terrible still makes me cry at age 30 scene in the canyon, but my mind races to determine when we might be able to take her NYC to see the live show on Broadway. For me it isn't when will she appreciate it enough, I think it would be worth any amount of money to share that with her. No, it's nothing rational, just that I am just not ready to handle an upset toddler when Mufasa dies. Caroline really is getting big.

This weekend I am seeking out size 2T (2T!!!) clothing for my little girl at the consignment sale I talked up over on McDeals and $teals. Last night I took out the box of clothes that holds all the items I have thus far gathered for the summer and took inventory of the nine dresses I have already purchased. I don't think I am allowed to buy dresses. My mother will be meeting me at the sale and together with my "what we need" list in hand or on iPhone we will hopefully find all that she needs and probably more. I feel fortunate to have my seasoned sales shopper mother by my side this weekend. Is it terrible to admit that my box holds so few things for fall and winter of next year that I nearly had a mini panic attack imagining that in a few weeks the box of "next seasons" will be nearly empty?


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