send fairy dust

We had a lovely little weekend despite the Northeastern loss to BC on Saturday night. Steve and I don’t do so well with the cheering for opposing team thing. We did get to spend some time with the Albennys and old friends Gwen & Dave AND of course spend a little QT with Auntie C (and Hokie) in town for the weekend from Portland. She'll be home before we know it! We finally got to meet Little Danny too who is just perfect, so sweet and content.

Caroline got to bed with very little issue last night allowing Steve ample time to pack himself for couple days away on business. All was well until about 1:30AM when we were awoken not by crying, but that terrible tell tale croupy cough. I scooped my little seal up into my arms and we headed directly for the shower where she breathed in steamy air for as long as we both could stand it/when her hair turned into one big steam induced curl. She was warm, too warm, but refused to strip down to her onesie. Further investigation revealed a low grade fever of 100.3. Motrin, some cuddles, and then Noggin. She snuggled in our bed, watching Little Bear, coughing every now and then. She seemed settled, but I drew the line at 4:30 when her body seemed to finally be cool to the touch, her mood improved, and the cough vanished. Our get well snuggle fest had become playtime and the adults in the room (particularly the one who needed to be awake and on the road in less than 2 hours) has had more than enough. So off to her crib she went with a kiss and hug and just a few short crying minutes later all was quiet in the house.

She slept until about 8:30 this morning, which I was incredibly thankful for, and you wouldn’t know that she was sick and up most of the night last night by how she has been today.Crazy how that happens isn't it?

Just when we think we have this parenting thing licked. The bigger issue is that it is now after 1pm and she is still awake talking with Abby and George in her crib far, far away from a nap. The biggest issue is that I am solo tonight and the later the nap is pushed out the worse I fear my evening will be. Sleep Gods, please send sleep inducing fairy dust.


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