sometimes the good girls don't get lollipops

Caroline was seated on the counter when I picked her up earlier this week. Her eyes were sparkling and she was enjoying a lollipop. She smiled the biggest red toothed sticky faced grin. Just below her on the floor little Julianna was playing.

"Oh, you must have been a good girl today, you have a treat!"
Realizing that little Julianna did not have a treat...
"I am sure Julianna was a good girl today too..."
Raising eyebrows and pleading with the afternoon caregiver to please help me out of this one...

Caroline went right on laughing hysterically about her good fortune to have a lollipop while the caregiver, whose name is I swear Salamie, explained that they are not allowed to give little Julianna treats. Apparently her grandmother comes down to the center at snack time and over lunch to supervise Julianna's eating because she doesn't want her to gain weight.

Julianna is 2 and a half. Julianna is adorable. Julianna is NOT fat. Julianna's grandmother had better hope we never run into one another.


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