While Steve is off gallivanting with Marc and Company in New Orleans, Caroline and I are taking advantage of the weekend to visit Tasha and her family in Philly. I am a terrible keeper in toucher – just the absolute worst – but I suppose admitting this in no way excuses my ineptness in this area. To our credit, we have been working at seeing more of one another. The kids have thrown a wrench or two in along the way, but if anything I think TJ and Caroline have increased our commitment to seeing one another. I want desperately for my daughter to love Tasha, to flirt outlandishly with Tony, and to be a sweet friend to little TJ. Our visit won’t be nearly long enough to equal the space I always reserve in my heart for her, but we have that wonderful relationship that always seems to pick up immediately where it last let off. The ease of these visits stems from the speed at which we are able to fall into fits of laughter reminiscing about days gone by and dishing about the latest celebrity gossip.

This visit marks the first that we will be able to engage in kid-friendly activities together and Tasha did not miss a beat in organizing some spectacularness. On the docket; a stroller walk, cookie baking, sushi, and a really amazing children’s museum. Truth be told, I cannot wait to smush her little boy’s cheeks and just snuggle him. He will be one in a matter of weeks. ONE! Tasha and Tony are simply amazing parents and it will be such a treat to see them in action. I am most looking forward to our usual couple of cocktails which always result in engaging, sometimes serious, but usually silly conversation.

I wish we could see each other more than the handful of times a year we are able to schedule. I know it won’t get any easier as time goes by. The kids will get older. There will be soccer games and other enrichment activities to work around. The distance between us will not mysteriously shrink (though I would be quite content to live in the same town and meet for lunch at least once a week). Our lives will continue to become more rushed and chaotic. Time will slip by faster and faster. The girl I met in 1992 has become the woman, the wife, the mother and the friend that I still adore in 2009.

I wrote this for Tasha as part of her 30th birthday present from her mother. I hope she won’t mind me sharing it here. I am so, so looking forward to the next 24+hours.

Tasha Haiku

Light of love and life

Friend, sister, mother, fighter

Dancer through life spins

It’s been years since we shared snarky secretisms between us and snickered behind our hands writing long notes in code only we could understand. It’s been years since I greeted you each morning with a smile and hug. It’s been years since I watched as the most magnificent bride walked down the aisle to an adoring partner. It’s been months since you welcomed your sweet baby boy into the fold of your life and we started a new sacred bond of shared motherhood. It’s been weeks since I saw your smiling eyes and felt your spirit next to me. It’s been days since I looked up at the clouds and wondered if you were out for a walk on this fine day with your son. It’s been hours since I smiled at your email reply. It’s been moments since I thought of you, always in my heart, always with me, urging me on, reminding me how strong I am, and smiled at the very thought of your presence in my life.

Happy 30th birthday to the bravest, most spirited, generous, soul sister

Love, Kerri


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