tears for fears

Caroline and I had a delightful weekend visiting with Tasha and her family, experiencing an amazing children’s museum for kids aged seven and under, and catching up with TJ. I was quite thankful that Caroline decided to sleep in on Sunday, though it did mean we weren’t up in time to make it to little Julia’s first birthday bash. As the morning went on it was clear that Caroline really needed a day at home. We played outside, we went for a lovely walk, and snuggled with the Mouse.

On Friday morning as I was trying to get us both ready for the ride to Philly, Caroline got my shower ready for me by spraying the “magic no hair spray.” She decided she was coming in with me and threw her still pj’d leg over the edge of the tub to climb in with me. Fresh and clean we both headed south and I said a silent thank you that a shower with me that morning freed us from even considering a bath before bed that night. We skipped Saturday too as we were traveling back home in the evening hours. Sunday brought promise as she willingly stepped in and sat down to play in her tub. I was able to get her completely washed up and rinsed before she started shouting “Hair!!!” and clinging to me saying “out, please!” Again the reassurance and validation, the cuddles and many “it’s ok, Mommy is here. You are okay.”

With Daddy home on Monday night we launched back into our old routine and the second the tub was mentioned she shrank down to the floor panic stricken “no, hair.”

Tears for Fears. Shout. Shout.

We got her washed up, but she was completely unimpressed with our attempts to comfort her. Later when I tried to talk with her about what was wrong she could not and would not verbalize it. The hair issue has grown to now include the step stool in the bathroom. If she picks up a stray hair on her feetie pjs it goes with her onto the stool and you can imagine how well that goes over. So now she refuses to stand on the stool as well. Awesome.

Yesterday morning I did a crazy whole house thorough vacuum, complete with attachment use, spanning every room and surface of the house. Despite my very best efforts, I realize I will continue to shed hair and I feel like I am fighting a losing battle. The bathroom is a tough place to manage the hair shedding. We are desperately trying to get a handle on this. After speaking with her teachers at school and many other parents we have a new plan to tackle this before it spreads any further.

I've been researching handheld vacuums. Any recs? We just need something simple for the bathroom tile and the the upstairs landing. And by simple I mean affordable.

We are working on creating novel bath experiences; bubble blowing, bath crayons, new tub toys, mirrors. Any personal favs?

Tonight we will start a new bedtime routine with a quick washcloth wash up, tooth brushing in the kitchen, books, and then bed. I will move the stool down to the kitchen later this week to try to reacclimate her to it in a new situation. It makes me nervous to change the routine seeing as how we have been doing the same thing for more than a year. How will she respond? It will be ok. It has to be ok.

Tub 2x/week. With a couple days between tub experiences she handled it better, so we’ll do it less often, with hopefully a better reaction. I hope it will become a treat, something she will look forward to. Thanks to the parents who have let me know that it is ok and actually better for their skin to limit the bathing in the winter. It really helped to hear that.

One of my coworkers suggested that I get a doll and let her be "aggressive towards it" cutting its hair to show her it doesn't hurt. Um, WAhhhh? Seriously, you have a master's in counseling? Seriously?? Teach a two year old to be aggressive towards a doll? Cut its hair? Seriously??


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