we're not just parents, we're bath enthusiasts

Combine a mommy who is far from ready to be wearing a two-piece, a bath baby doll, Curious George bubbles, and a bee shaped bubble blower and you have a very successful tub! Our hair-fearing girl did not mention it even once. Not. Even. Once.

There were happy smiles and high-pitched excited voices as we stripped her down in her bedroom trying desperately to mask the anxiety I am certain both Steve and I were feeling. We knew the onus was on us to sell her on the bath and you have never seen two parents more excited to participate in bathtime.

Caroline was a bit hesitant to hop in, but happily tossed the baby into the water headfirst. She allowed me to place her earplugs with no fussing, but scrunched up to Steve when he suggested she might get in to help her baby get clean. Mommy arrived moments later in her bathing suit and I made a big deal about how excited I was to get in the tub, how warm it was and how fun the bubbles were. No sooner than I was sitting down, Caroline practically jumped in with me and though it did take some coaxing and Daddy blowing special bubbles she eventually sat down. We cleaned her baby’s head with soap and a washcloth and she was borderline having fun, until it came time to wash her hair. Her reaction to the water pouring over her head (which has never previously bothered her one tiny bit) makes me think that perhaps the water in the eyes portion of the bath is part of the problem. I already have solutions lined up for that issue, but let’s focus on the fact that we got through a short bath.

As soon as that soap was in her hair she was asking to be all done and we rinsed her as quickly as we could to get her out, with smiles and laughter filling the air. I was unprepared for her to be so attached to the baby so quickly. She was greatly distressed that the baby was still in the water with Mommy and Mommy was equally distressed that the only way to squeeze the water out of the doll resembled the doll using the bath as a potty. That is something I would like to avoid her taking note of if possible. I hastily tugged a hand towel from the door to become the doll’s towel and she clung on to her all through getting dressed, getting her hair blown dry, and while I sat there running the hairdryer back and forth between her and her baby I began to think oh, crap. How am I ever going to take this doll from her so she can remain the bath toy/bait? For people who know her, you know there is nothing she loves more than putting someone to sleep and so we put her baby to sleep, facedown of course, in the bath toy basket and she kissed her goodnight before trotting off towards the stairs.

She decided she would read to us and shocked Steve by knowing the first few pages of Goodnight Moon. It was as if the terrible bath episode had never happened. She was just like always; teasing Steve by pretending she wants him to take her upstairs only to leap back onto my chest, asking me to sing “do, re, me,” and smiling the biggest smile when I told her that she would get to see her Granda tonight for a special dinner.

The battle is far from over, but we’ve certainly made up some ground against the wicked hair.

Speaking of Granda, he is solo while my mother enjoys a vacation with her girlfriends in Florida. We are meeting him "in the middle" tonight for that dinner at PF Changs and yes, I made a reservation this time.


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