"where's Caroline???"

Caroline has found a new use for her kitchen. There is a small space next to the wall that is just the right size for a toddler hide out. She slides herself back there and attempts to open the cabinets of her kitchen so that they completely seal her into the little hiding nook. I often help her get both the upper and lower cabinets into perfect hiding position. Thus begins a frequent and favorite pastime, “Where’s Caroline?” I often go so far as to search the real cabinet adjacent to her spot, calling her name, wondering aloud “where that little girl could possibly be?” The game NEVER gets old.

Toddlers love to hide, but why do they think we really don’t know where they are? As I go through my script calling her name, scratching my head, I am often thinking, “really? Really? You don’t think I know where you are? I JUST helped you get back there two seconds ago? When you got your finger stuck between the cabinets, I am the one who just moments before this kissed your boo boo, all while you were already standing back there.” When we were visiting with Sean and Courtney recently she hid behind a plant, snickering and grinning from ear to ear while we all pretended not to know where she was. Seriously? A plant?

When does the if I can see you, you can see me lightbulb go off?

It isn’t that I don’t like playing this game. I do. It often affords me time to prepare or clean up from dinner, but HOW is this game fun for her?? I’ll have to remember to link back to this post when we move onto more sophisticated hide and seek and my refrain changes to “how the heck did you fit in here?” Didn’t every kid try to hide in the dryer at least once?


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