comfy cozy

I am odd man out in my house. Both Steve and Caroline are such hot bods that at times the highlight of my evening is getting into bed and smooshing my ice cold feet up against Steve. He is not a very big fan of this, but who can fall asleep with freezing toes and how else can I accurately explain to him just how cold I am? I spend most of the winter bundled under blankets on the couch asking Steve repeatedly, “aren’t you freezing?” We returned home from a weekend away recently to discover that someone had not turned the heat down, but had instead turned it off completely. 54 degrees! I seemed to be the only one to notice that our house had become an igloo.

Imagine my absolute delight when I learned I had won this amazing battery operated HEATED vest?! My "Polartec Heat" arrived recently and I have given it a few test runs both outside with Caro and inside the icehouse. Thumbs up does not do it justice. With the heat at just medium I went from shivering to so warm I didn’t know what to do with myself in a matter of moments.

I don’t want to wish the summer away, but yeehaw! Come October when I am wondering how many layers I can possibly fit under my winter coat at the next BC Football game, I am going to laugh out loud that I am lucky enough to have this amazing article of clothing.

In the meantime, I fully plan on testing the battery longevity in the car this weekend. Take that Mr. must have the A/C constantly on even in the winter! Finally! F-I-N-A-L-L-Y!


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